Burning Blade Vanilla/TBC Players

Hey shiny new expac,

Wondering if anyone I knew still plays
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Who r u again
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i dun no either
(post deleted by author)
I will slam you down on the red dirt of durotar
I only know 2 people in dis thread
I don't even know myself
anyone from malïcious/UT still around?
How about anyone around from Tyranny, Manifest Destiny, and Forgotten Heroes days?
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I was in Night Force back in the day and then I xfered off to Black Dragonflight with FH
Fieldweeble here (AoF / VI), came back for this xpac and flipped factions and servers to play with RL folks.
MD, AoF, Odium, Titans, Twisted nether fam over here i'm sure there is other guilds i was in throughout the years oh yeah Crimson rose :(
OG Burning Blader here, any old Malicious guildies out there?
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(post deleted by author)
Gena (Warrior) from Tyranny. Playing on Illidan Horde. I remember playing with Endbringer, Solflare, and Gashen in Tyranny.

Griefing Kazzak was the best.
Vixie.. were you in Ego during Cata?
10/23/2018 11:37 AMPosted by Hyperbola
Vixie.. were you in Ego during Cata?

I don't think she ever was

Nope, not me.

With this new forum, maybe I can reply to posts like this faster than a month!

Checking in before the holidays

New forums seem to have a lot of feature and is a bit overwhelming. It’s cool but a lot to take in.

I was in Tyranny and remember you from Vanilla. I was Arando - NE Druid. I played a ton of hours with End, Sol and Gashen. My brother Caloll (Prot Warrior) was also in the guild.

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