Building a Solid core from Scratch - Crypto Lords

The Day before BC Launched, I decided to create a guild Called “Crypto Lords”
Because with the world migrating to a digital currency, it is a great time to start your adventure in crypto… now I’m not saying start investing right now… so bear with me for this.

About a year ago I quit my job to become a crypto trader, I very quickly got very lucky… no skill involved, for years since I was 15 (now 33) I have been playing the wow auction house to make gold just for fun… well lots of “Adults” at the time told me WOW was a waste of time, when in reality it taught me to live off my ability to trade and invest, trusting my gut.

To this day my life is great, I have 3 daughters and a son about to be born, I have everything I ever needed and wanted… then about 3 weeks ago my brother(a High warlord) Started to get over the “Childish Behavior” of some of his raid members… And we began talking about creating our own guild.

Now I Honestly had no interest in coming back to wow, I played forever, maxed every class, have 3 realm firsts under my belt, and so much more… but then I sort of thought about it, I used to Raid Lead and Main Tank all the way through vanilla as paladin… and since BC was my favorite expansion I decided to go a warrior, just to relive the nostalgia.

You could say I got hooked again, but this time is different. I’m not here to be better than anyone, I’m not here to throw my weight around, or any of that childish behavior, you will observe from “Ego-Driven” Raiders…
Toxic wow behavior because they have BIS and you don’t, and all they did was suck some guys Johnson for it.

No I wanted to create a guild where everyone helps each other, Everyone is working for a common goal, everyone works as a community.
And with the crypto market being boring AF at times, you sit there for maybe 12 hours a day watching graphs… so playing wow is the perfect complimentary past time to securing your own future, building networks, sharing tips, Looting EpiX… you can live the dream you always wanted.

So this leads me to the basis of this post, as most people see the name, and it brings up different feelings within them, and often they project those feelings onto me, be it “cringe” or “Fkn love it man”.
Point being, now if you have read this far you can understand more about me, instead of swift judgments. yes I am aware wow has a distinct population of toxic players, And i do not want them in the guild, no matter how geared they are, we will Gkick them.

We are here to create a fun loving community. I Aspire to teach fresh players how to play, and how to pull and clear instances efficiently, with minimal wipes.
We intend to aim for players who are 60+ to fresh 70.
Train them up, get the attuned, and geared, and have some fun.

In future we will be hosting BG premade, as we have an Ex gladiator and a high warlord, on top of that we have a few fully mythic raiders who ditched retail to join us.

Long winded I know, but if you want to be part of our community jump on discord and have a chat, we are building from the ground up, and want players who are “Enthused by the experience of the game”
Plus I wanna hang out with 24 other Mad Cats each week, for solid banter and memes.
I’ll be on around 7 pm server time each arvo
Much love to all who read this <3

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link expiered, i’d be down