Bugs exist and Blizzard fixes what they want, doesn't care about players

This is getting very out-of-hand, and I don’t like how the devs and QAs are dealing with bugs in Classic when they appear.

The devs went out of their way to change AV, took extra steps to modify Nefarian’s fight and now they’ve taken the time and energy to fix a Shaman totem.
Each of these ‘bugs’ are present in the reference client and 1.12, which seems to be their criteria for whether or not these bugs should stay or go, but they only fix the ones they want to!
They decided not to fix weapon procs being completely broken, stating, “At this point it’s somewhat unclear if this was the original design intent or not, but at worst this was a quirk of how the original game was built, and at best this was part of the original design.”

This tendency to not be consistent is driving many players like myself away from what is supposed to be a very enjoyable experience with devs helping us smooth out the path along the way.
However, the devs have continuously shown that they don’t care and that the QAs don’t want to put in the time to test a fix for something as simple as weapon procs. There are entire class trees, playstyles and weapons that are completely unusable now because they decided not to fix weapon procs… but they’ll fix Shaman totems…

I don’t understand where this split is happening with the devs, and it’s really starting to grate on me as a player. Blizzard shows consistent favoritism to the Horde and Shamans, and I never want to admit or believe it no matter how much my friends shout it out… but the new fix: Improved weapon totems does not give bonus Attack power to other people in the group , just makes it obvious that they really don’t care about their playerbase at all.
They will make changes for things that, “actually does match 1.12 and the reference client, and this talent behaved in this way for its entire existence during original World of Warcraft.” and then they will decide not to make changes to something that broke an entire game mechanic!?

Not to mention how Attack Power from world buffs still doesn’t affect Hunters properly… like, change the wording or fix the effect!

This makes absolutely no sense to me, and honestly the only way they can make me see that they truly care about the players is if they decide, “If we’re going to fix some bugs, we’re going to fix them all.”


if people leave over these kinda small things im glad they gone

For the weapon proc GCD issue, if you look in the follow up post to the one you quoted, its clear that this isn’t a bug. Some weapon procs have a flag in the data set to obey GCDs, some don’t. Probably not a good design choice, but since a developer had to explicitly set some weapon procs to obey GCDs while allowing others to not obey GCDs, it seems pretty clear that to me that GCDs blocking procs on those weapons was intentional.

Yes, and that horribly bad and complexly indecipherable design choice obeys the reference client just as much as the Shaman totem not working properly. Why fix one and not the other?
Whether they’re doing #nochanges or not, they can at least follow their own examples.

They said re: proc GCDs that they have no idea if it was intended or not. This would mean there was not a bug report entered for that behavior during vanilla. However, in the case of the shaman totem, there WAS a bug report made for it during vanilla. This is why they decided to fix it – because at the time vanilla was around they knew it was not correct behavior.

This direction is a reversal from their previous policy that was stated in the Juju Flurry thread. I don’t have a problem with them fixing issues that were known during vanilla, I just hope they tell us all the changes they are going to make.