[Bug] Trinket [Meteorite Crystal] - Hotfix did not fix it - Find fish give it stacks

Currently bugged where find fish (and probably alot of other things) grant it a stack of 85mp5, people are spamming albino snake to get 20stacks of 85mp5 instantly.

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If people get banned for this, then the people who abused bloom drinking in tbc also need to be banned cus that was also a clear as day exploit that was never dealt with and was arguably more powerful.

Just hot fix the trinket. Ban isn’t necessary.

Also on here to complain about this Meteorite Crystal trinket. The bug is single-handedly winning games for people abusing this when the opposing healer isn’t using the exact same exploit. I’m currently watching a stream where the pally healer doesn’t have to use Divine Plea ever anymore (sounds dumb but he straight up said that he doesnt have to) but they are out dampening every pally that has to use Divine Plea and potentially get it dispeled. It’s broken, should be fixed immediately.

And it’s fixed, enjoy you complainers.

*Edit and a new macro has already been discovered and does the same thing as Albino Snake weaving for stacks but not as INSANELY fast as it was before.

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can you elaborate?

bumping again because its not fixed.

you can spam find fish and cast spells at the same time to double the stacks.