[Bug Report] Unable to Cast into Fishing Node

The previous threads regarding these problems date back from 2019, ergo I am creating a new one.

The node in question is located at:

Tiragarde Sound 46.46, 21.75

The water around it further west seems deeper and fishable, but this particular fishing node is not located in those waters but further east where the water is shallower, and thus not able to be fished in.

Another one:

Tiragarde Sound 62.01, 16.95

Water to the Northwest is deeper, but all around this, the water is too shallow to cast into.

Aaaand another one:

Tiragarde Sound 60.35, 17.28

There is one small spot around it where you can fish, but it isn’t close enough to even touch the edge of the pool/node.

I have same issue aswell while trying to fish at Zereth Mortiz, it cast but it disappeared almost immediately. Tried porting to other zone to fish but still. Is it bug or some addons might cause it?

This doesn’t sound like the same kind of issue I was reporting. If your fishing line is just disappearing, make sure that you’re not moving after the cast (if you do, it will stop the casting animation and you will stop fishing). If that’s not the case, I’d suggest trying to fish without your addons to see if you’re still having issues.

If it -still- isn’t working, let us know exactly what you’re doing in order to cast for fishing. Maybe we can figure out what’s going on.

Another fishing node: Tiragarde Sound (Blushwater Brook) 57.71, 21.20