Bug or Sabotage? Infernals non-aggressive and despawn in seconds


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I just got my infernal last night, no mayhem in Stormwind, most disappointing.

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To add to this, the demons in Winterspring are immune to enslavement. I would like that and the infernals fixed at some point.

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Is it really so hard for someone to take 5 minutes out of their 8 hour workday to communicate with us on this?

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You pick and choose as a dev on what to communicate on.

Notice how when they responded to hunters it was “SO YOU RESPONDED TO HUNTERS WHERES MY RESPONSE”

Now look at the bug forum. See all these reports? This is why it’s generally better to communicate in bulk otherwise you’ll wind up like Mort a few posts up.

When your community consists of mouth breathers like him, sometimes it’s best to just not say anything until you’ve got something more concrete. Not to mention, they allegedly “fixed” this stuff in Beta. If anything, I would imagine if they fix it, they’ll stay silent about it so they don’t make themselves look bad.

Most of the game is a buggy mess and Infernals aren’t exactly a go-to pet for anything other than some fun trolling. I main’d a lock in Vanilla and I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve whipped him out since there are better pets with better utility and shorter cooldowns than the infernal. So I’m quite sure it’s not a top priority for a pet that is essentially a fun toy for a few moments.

I’d rather they focus on pet unresponsiveness than something barely any Warlock actually uses since other pets far outweigh the Infernal’s usefulness outside of “giggle factor”.

So it’s official now (you guys wanted a blue to talk about this), Infernals are working as intended…


The rampage is part of the game.

Watch it at 3:50

Unless this is a private server in 2006 it looks like the Infernal only attacks players that attack it first, or PvP flagged players (green names). And then it despawns

Honestly this is also probably the video that Blizzard watched

A moot point now, now that a Blue has responded saying it isn’t a bug.

There goes my leveling a warlock and hosting “Warlock day: Legion invasion for both faction” plan, out the window and into Infernals.
My dream, 8 Doomguards and 32 Infernals, gone.

Will still work great on a PvP server.

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Yeah, I’ve seen the thread. It’s a little ridiculous – I’m positive they’re mistaken in this instance. Given the liberties they’ve been taking with certain QoL changes, it wouldn’t surprise me if this is a change that they’re sweeping under the rug to stop Warlock Infernals from killing players in ‘PvE’ zones.

Note: given the response from the Blue, I would assume that the Infernals also would not aggro onto enemy faction players that aren’t flagged as well. This would mean that an Infernal in Durotar, if you allowed it to kill you outside near where players commonly duel, would simply despawn since there are (potentially) no flagged players nearby.

Bump. This is still an issue I’d like to see fixed.

bump. fix this PLEEEEASE

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I don’t buy it. I remember getting steamrolled on my Rogue in vanilla by an Infernal and I was on a PvE server and wasn’t flagged, it was Goldshire.

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Maybe a good old fashioned mass unsub until blizzard answers is the solution here