[BUG] GetManaRegen returns incorrect values

Unless I’m “Doing Something Wrong”, the API call GetManaRegen() is supposed to return “base” and “while casting” mana regen numbers.

However, at least on my Paladin, both numbers are the same, and only reflect the “current” regen.

e.g. – when outside of the 5-sec-rule, I show my full regen amount… just after casting, it returns “0”.

I would have expected to actually get back (in my case) “15, 0” for my two values, but instead I either get “15, 15” or “0, 0”, depending if I"m in the 5sr or not.

Is this an intended change to the API call? (It used to be nice to be able to see how much passive regen you have from buffs or abilities, versus your base regen).

EDIT: It also doesn’t seem to reflect buffs (e.g. Blessing of Wisdom), and I thought it used to?


I have the same issue using local base_regen, casting_regen = GetManaRegen(“player”). I try to get the mana regen on my shaman and it seems to partially working out of combat… base_regen and casting_regen give me 140 MP5. When I cast a heal the mana regen stay at 140 and when entering combat it give me 0 , 0, when I use Mana Spring Totem out of combat or any other totem, it give me 0 , 0. When I remove my shield which have 4 mana per 5 sec, the value stay at 140… It seems to give me only the mana regen from my spirit out of combat without using totems. I really wanna get my mana regen from my spirit + mana regen per 5 sec + my totem. Is there any way to make it work?

Thanks for bumping this, Maador – I’m still sad this API call is not returning correct info.

Would be nice if Blizz could at least comment if this API was CHANGED, or if this is in fact a bug (which seems more likely).