[Bug] Death Knight Ability [Raise Dead]

Ability goes on cooldown on summon instead of on pet’s death.

Patch 3.1: [Raise Dead]: Duration lowered to 60 seconds and cooldown lowered to 3 minutes. The cooldown on this ability now begins when the pet dies rather than when it is summoned.

Bump, only a successful ghoul corpse explode puts ghoul on 30s cd. Any other means of death do not put the ghoul on cd.

As a sidenote, ghoul abilities no longer reset cd IN OPEN WORLD / IN BATTLEGROUNDS. Random change. Does not affect arenas

Hate to break it to you (again) but ghoul CD was always bugged like this in WotLK. Mount up = CD reset w/ summoned ghoul.

Careful about OD’ing on your copium.

Careful about lying about bugs that were in the OG game because a DK bad-touched you.

Aww, someone doesn’t like to read!

What games do deathknights mount after holding W all arena?
I cant even see you on any arena ladder so I cant imagine how this affects you personally to follow my posts around kek

Aww, look! It’s mad about DK’s!

How about at the start?

Or maybe on a reset?

I post bugs and see you crying about the same things because DKs make you upset. I’m surprised I don’t see you posting about Cloak of Shadows being bugged, as mad as you are.


this actually made me laugh out loud. you need all the help you can get on a DK LOL

Aww, someone doesn’t know what a tank is!

if that’s how you define your blinkard performance, I feel bad for the guild getting griefed by you.

if you dont know what warcraft logs is, that’s percentiles against all other tanks of the same spec.

(Who else Unholy tanks?)

haha, quite a bad rebuttal. I got to get back to work. Good luck!

  • tries to parse a tank

  • Big oof

  • makes excuse

  • goes back to complaining about DKs indirectly by crying about a bug that was in the OG game

  • pretends to have something to do



It’s now fixed

Its not, only corpse explosion puts it on cooldown, where any other means of death does not put it on cooldown.

so its partially fixed at best.

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