Buff MM and Survival

I’m sick and @#$ tired of not keeping up on dps despite being way higher ilvl. MM was so bad at the start of the expac that I swapped to Survival up until like last week, I finally swapped back to MM. This is supposed to be my main spec, I’ve always preferred MM, but why do we always have to be stuck at the bottom of the meters? I’m at the bottom bc I’m still in Survival gear and my stat priority is all whack and I can’t get the trinkets I need, but I know that even when I do get them I’ll still be struggling to keep up. I’m so tired of it. I hate BM, I don’t like face rolling, but I feel like more and more every hunter out there is being forced into it. I haven’t seen a single other MM hunter in months, that has to stand for something. MM and Survival both are in desperate need of a buff (at least in PvE content, idk about PvP).


Petition Action Letter: Divorce BM spec from MM and SV specs.

Vince McMahon as “Marksmanship Spec”.
Linda McMahon as “Beastmaster Spec”.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as “Survival Spec”.

The Divorce of Vince McMahon, Directed by David Lynch (youtube.com)

looking at your logs its pretty clear this is a skill issue rather than spec issue bit weird to make a whole post about buffing mm/sv cuz ur losing in dps when you’re parsing green/grey

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To be fair MM has a big gap between trueshot windows, an issue other burst profile oriented specs also have issues with to some degree, but MM has absolutely nothing to offer between burst windows, which drops the overall savagely throughout a fight


I mean this has nothing to do with personal performance tho lol and isn’t even really an issue (there are plenty of burst specs in wow). Realistically being upset because people in way lower ilvl beat you is straight up a skill issue.

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A factor worsened, it feels like, by Windrunner’s Guidance putting that much more emphasis into just (overlong) Trueshots and tier’s making it impossible to sustain one’s bonus ~20% an Aimed Shot’s damage per second from Volley against fewer than 3 targets without starting Trueshot under Volley.


I had to do a double take, because you literally just answered your own concern. Why do you say you’d be struggling if you do get it right?

I think you have to know what’s right first before you can do right. You have 37% crit, 32% haste, 11% mastery, and 14% versatility as of presently. I’ll give you a little hint: the best in the spec do not have these stats. Go look at Cashmeowside/Howbohdah from Magtheridon server. Those are the stats you actually do need.

Whether you think they’re in need of a buff, well…that’s a different discussion. I don’t see how a spec that deletes R1’s in 3’s really needs a buff. I mean: the WFOS guy doesn’t even have the FOUR piece bonus. It actually argues more of the opposite: MM needs a NERF. How many times has MM been nerfed already?

You also can forget about SV spec getting anything worthwhile until the divorce.

Why are you suggesting a PvP player for PvE content


Why do you seem to suggest there’s a difference? *To add, there’s a difference in the damage done based on the target. Monsters vs. players, there’s a difference yea. Differences in armor, differences of a target that has a Versatility stat vs. not having one, and differences in how much crit damage is done on a crit. 175%(???) on players, the full 200% resolution on monsters.

Jackals plz… it’s hard to watch


Here we go again with the typifying. Again with the Jackals. You can’t get his name(and that’s actually not his first name) out of your mouth. You’re doing worse than Chris Rock not being able to keep Jada’s name out of his mouth.

With a response like that, I’m just going to assume you don’t know what I asked and you don’t know the subject matter.

You argue there’s a difference between PvE and PvP without actually PROVING there is one. If we’re talking about the way MM spec is built and run, there isn’t. The OP is right: he/she has stats more SV-friendly which is NOT MM-friendly. I just gently suggested that before you can do right, you have to know right. Once you do, you’d be deleting R1’s particularly in simulcast and much more…

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Their post is about pve why are you talking about pvp


I wasn’t talking about PvP. I namedropped the BEST Hunter school for guidance…*I guess you need this education as much as the OP does, so it’s not a waste of time.

Anyway, there’s no going to pink(maybe even tan) it out with SV stats as MM.

So what did you mean by this then

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Poetic and literal language. I did say “and much more”. I pretty much said you can do the hardest things there is to do, wherever it is.

Yep I know, I play Sin I am fully aware. I was just highlighting a MM specific issue. Even I have the same pitfall but I do have a minor burst KB window every minute between 2 minute that helps sustain some.

MM doesn’t have any of that, and indeed that doesn’t explain personal performance, just a good fact to keep in mind.

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They changed the TShot bonus uptimes from last patch, didn’t they? I think MM used to have those said minor burst windows. Blizzard decided to make TShot uptime more discrete, so I doubt they agree it’s an issue now.

I think your infatuation with this mm guy is honestly incredibly weird to the point where you’re bringing them up in threads that have nothing to do with pvp. In regards to your question about whats the difference between pve and pvp. PvP requires vers as a stat to the point that blizz puts vers on all the pvp gear. You are also locked in to using pvp trinkets mostly due to the set bonus. For PvE its a simple matter of using raidbots and executing the rotation perfectly.

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They don’t have to agree though, can look at any MM to see the absolute valley of nothingness between TS windows.

That’s just a fact, one that I hope they address to make MM more attractive and competitive in varying content


There’s Versatility on PvE gear too. Not to mention that Versatility is crucial to those in tanking and healing roles. It is not a “PvP stat”. I hope you weren’t lied to being told it was.

That takes knowing your gear. That takes knowing whether a PvE trinket outweighs 1 of the 2 PvP ones. This is assuming one both raids/M-runs and PvPs too. It’s not the hardest thing in the world to actually do both these days…

Even the best of the best in rated PvP gear up exactly the same way, except with getting on that 4-pc. I know you tried, but I’m not convinced there’s a difference in the way MM is played in both venues. Surely any MM that consistently mains one without cooking for BM and/or the mainstream is smart enough to know a better trinket from a good trinket.

The fact was that MM had multiple TShot burst windows the previous version of 10.1.5. They don’t have to agree, because it’s their call either way.

“to see the absolute valley of nothingness between TS windows”=burning house
“This is fine.”=Blizzard the dog sitting in the kitchen.

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