Buff Mindgames

Mindgames used to be a big, meaningful cooldown in Shadowlands. People would do everything they could to avoid it or dispel it immediately. It could be really punishing to healers back in the day. Now, no one even batts an eye.

Mindgames needs a buff so it can be a meaningful cd again.


Wasn’t it super OP in SL?

No, it wasn’t OP because A) it has a long cast time, B) it has a long cooldown, and C) it’s dispelable.


Are people spelling “remove” B-U-F-F these days? Because removing 4 points from the bottom of the class tree by making Mindgames worth taking would be really bad.

I’d rather have a cool mindgames than essence devourer fwiw.

Realistically I’d like Mindgames to be buffed enough to be relevant again, have the increased damage/healing talent built in, and only an option to talent into the CDR.

This is a really flavorful spell for Discipline especially because if you snipe a heal with it and cause it to do damage it’ll go through atonement. Sucks that it’s absolutely worthless on them.

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Ye the spell basic itself hit for 60k, it doesn’t even worth it to use at all, even the buffed Version if you can crit you can hit for maybe 150k (which is great) but 1 swift mend and it’s gone without any punishment.

I’d rather have necrolord transfusion instead than this crap talent tbh, but knowing blizzard they would probably nerfed it to the ground to,they don’t want sp to be good.

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I support anything that involves Shadowfiend being worse. I also support anything that forces Blizzard to redo the class tree, especially the bottom part.

I just don’t think they will do that, which means a buffed Mindgames just removes options in the bottom part of the class tree.

The fact that mindgames is at the bottom of the talent tree in its current state is pretty bad. Another awesome cd that’s gone to waste

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How about we delete it or move it to the pvp tree so priest feels less bloated?

Honestly the ability doesn’t interact with any of priests specs or talents and it’s just sort of there as an afterthought

What’s the point, if it was a pvp talent nobody will ever use it as it’s not worth it at all, also you have to play always the same mandatory talent.

replace it with door of shadows lul


In that case just delete it.

It takes way too many talent points to be barely useful anyway

I agree sir

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*Remove MG.


Personally I’d be glad to lose a few buttons. Shadow feels bloated, so does holy, and disc is getting there.

I know people don’t like pruning but things like Mindgames are essentially dead talents. It’s only chosen because there’s nothing better. In PvE it feels like a chore to try and find a way to fit it into your rotation and cast it

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It’s not that I don’t like pruning, so much as Mindgames is a very interesting spell, especially as a healer, and I’d love to use it if it was anywhere near as good as it was in SL.

There were several points in SL’s dungeons that Mindgames was amazing for. Even as we got to S4, there were some really fun things to do with it, even if Kyrian was a clearly better choice. I used to hit the dreadlord affix with it all the time and get a decent chunk of atonement healing off of it trying to heal itself. In S1 Mists when Disc was forced to play Venthyr, people would pull the pack that would double-rend immediately and you could MG one to significantly reduce the tank damage.

It still IS a pretty cool spell, and I could totally see use cases for it in the current dungeon set (throne of tides - the drowning or the first boss’ focused lightning). But the problem is it does not justify 4 points spent to have it be weaker than its SL implementation, and quite literally none of the priest kits interact with it at all, so there’s no synergy to build either.

Also the whole ‘reduce it’s cooldown’ talent feels antithetical to its design. Mindgames feels best when you can block something specific with it, or get a big burst off of it. Not when the goal is to just plop it out on CD.

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I wish they would just bake the functionality of Mind Games into Mind Blast. That would remove a ‘button’ from our rotation and it can be tuned to make sense since we would be using it more often. Or just make it ‘your Mind Blast does Mind Games stuff every 45 seconds’ or whatever.

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I like this idea since mind blasts are rarely casted anyway

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