Buff life cacoon

I literally pre coccooned a blind in TWOS against ONE ASSASS ROGUE and he dpsed through it like it was power word shield. Gone in less than two seconds.
Actually a joke.


why would u nerf hardcasted healing

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I been qing a lot with MW and have definitely been shredded through cacoon a few times

Idk man gzy doesn’t hardcast unless he has to

Maybe just 2op.

I’m not comlpaining, idc personally lol. I personally think MW is in a perfectly fine spot if it plays the proper comp

The thing is the “proper comp” isn’t in a perfectly fine spot

Turbo is in a fine spot.

So is MLChi, TSG, WWDK.

Can prob make jungle or RMChi work. DHDK, DKBoomy, etc…

Comps seem to be in a PERFECTLY fine spot.

Fade, guardian , 3x serenity instant 50k+ heals, 100k + dmg per game, mind games, range stun.

Vs cocoon that gets 2 shot and I have to hard channel to heal.


I’m pretty sure triune ward did more shielding then cocoon for a long while. And way diff cooldown

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yeah sure it is :clown_face:


It seems to do well with wizards, no?

Just because you have op specs helping a class perform doesn’t mean the whole class is op?

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No one said mw is Op they said it’s fine in certain comps, which it is

That doesn’t mean it has good design or is above average by any means

ok but life cacoon still should get buffed

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People seem to think that viability means broken. Weird narrative on that. WW is viable, doesn’t mean it’s broken, same with Arcane, outlaw, MM, Arms, so on so forth.

This change only happened because i made this post


All that power and you say nothing about resolve?


MW is only competitive with resolve wizard cleaves so no

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my mans
what’s evoker looking like?

Yaaaa we’re going to need you to go ahead and ask Blizzard for other buffs too.

Lol. Sadly, it took them like 3/4 of an xpac to realize that Cocoon was dog water; as such, I wouldn’t be expecting any more changes until 10.0 :laughing: