Buff Feral Druids

All DPS specs should have the possibility of being in the top 5 if played better than everyone else in the raid. Bring the player, not the spec, right???

5% nerf is an INSANE kneejerk nerf for the class and now we’re right back to where we started in some sense and worse in PvP & tanking.


Overall, it’s a negative change. Feral is in a worse state after the changes they made. What did feral do to Blizzard?

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I said it in another thread, I would’ve rather Blizzard not changed us and just let it be rather than somehow make things actually solved in a lot of ways, then pull a chunk of that back and make a lot more worse.

I do not play Feral Combat Bear, I cannot stand tanking. I main Feral Combat Cat, I cannot stand Bearweaving or Flowerweaving and all the other stuff - never liked Powershifting even.

There was nothing actually wrong with Feral Combat that needed a nerf on top of our 5% “buff” (which was really just to make us more consistent and not need to do degenerate gimmicks to be viable).

Clarification? Are you talking pvp exclusively? They specifically stated their buff was more than they intended, thus this nerf puts the net PVE still as an increase to original. Their main screw-up was not factoring pvp correctly.

By “overall” I mean across the board, Feral (which includes PVP, and PVE Tanking as well as DPS) is in a worse state than it was before the changes they made to supposedly buff them.

Yeah, I read that, even though what they stated was that:

they expected 5-10% increase in the top performers, and an even larger percentage increase for those not Bearweaving.

What I saw was more like a 4% increase in the top performers, which is still relatively consistent with what they had intended.

In any case, I’d much, much rather see both changes reverted than the current state left they way it is.

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Whole lot more specs need buffs if this is the goal lol

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