Buff Fel Barrage or move it

Fel Barrage has been a dead talent since the last nerf, even before the nerf it was questionably good in niche situations or low keys. It either needs to be buffed/reworked or swapped with Glaive Tempest as Glaive Tempest is a much better option.


Fel Barrage is boring. It’s a pad ability that makes you look good.

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I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve mained this DH since the pre-legion patch and i never once used fel barrage

Curious as to what makes it a “pad ability” as opposed to the rest of the AoE kit…

There is no reason to move glaive tempest to the fel barrage node.

Make it utility like some temporary fel buff. Darkness sucks. Speaking of which the tooltip says avoids 100% damage when in non a raid. I swear it doesn’t work. Rarely do I see anyone avoid damage. Sync it with a resto shammy spirit link in everbloom on the aboms and still got blasted.

I’d much rather see them revert it back to the way it worked before 10.2.0 and balance it around a 1 minute cooldown as that way it’d tie into the rotation much better.

(I’d also argue the same for The Hunt TBH. Would fit into the rotation much better.)

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It doesn’t say you have a 100% chance to avoid damage outside of a raid lol. It’s 15% to avoid damage in raid and 30% (100% increase from 15%) outside of raid

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Oh lol. That makes sense. It’s somewhat useless then. We need a real defensive CD. Mass barrier is nice on mage or even a flat DR.

The rest of the hdh kit does aoe damage from doing their usual ST sequence and does fine aoe as is. Extra aoe ‘pad’ isn’t often super useful, especially when it comes at the cost of ST damage when the prio targets are usually the limiting factor in dungeons.


No where near useless, its 30% chance to avoid all incoming damage for the entire group. This includes all massive attacks and ticking damage and can easily do 3-4M+ healing in one use. Of course it is RNG but it’s almost always beneficial even if it only “procs” for one person. You can further pair this with spirit link totem and round out damage for the entire group. There is a reason it has such a large CD.

It needs the hover-channel back tbh. It is so lame without it that feeling of letting loose a bunch of chaos energy

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It saw pretty decent use in PVP until that recent nerf. At least against double melee. Kinda hard to manage though.
I think if it was an ability you could only click at capped fury, could sustain with generators to a degree, and stopped at 50% or even 25% fury remaining
It would be a lot more user friendly.

The problem is just that, it’s RNG. I feel when I use it at best I get 50/50 results. Once in a while I’ll notice I might have saved someone but rarely.

Also, everyone runs out because it looks like black goo on the ground. Maybe I need to macro a shout telling everyone to get in my darkness.

I would just like something more like Mass barrier. That is a useful defensive CD.