BSG V SPM waiting room

9pm tonight
:eyes: :eyes:



Wat timezone?



Honestly i dont know anything about either community. If pk is going to be a part of it my vote goes with him.

Also a little known fact about pk but its not just his damage numbers that is huge.


it’s the group that mass reports me vs PK

Also true

Legend has it the staff pk wields gives him unlimited power


I doubt there is a chance in hell that BSG would lose. I commend SPM for going through with it.


SPM: “Okay we’ll fight you with your hands behind your back”
BSG: “Aight bet”



BSG suddenly became interested in war games the one week right before the new season began when s3 wPvP gear was available and it was 20+ ilevels higher than s2 conquest gear. BSG didn’t want to do war games after the season began when everyone would be in full s3 honor gear.

So, why now?

Given that BSG only wants to do war games when they have a significant gear advantage, I’m guessing BSG has more players who stayed on top of the weekly vault drops and conquest gear, so they have 2-set or 4-set tier bonuses right now. They probably have upgraded wPvP gear too. It’s a power spike in the early part of the season.

Anyways, I hope it’s a good game.


…is one of them going merc mode to make it happen? Last I heard both communities were Ally, so only way a match happens is if one or the other mercs

Still would be interesting to see a Youtube vid/VOD of that one (if it actually happens)

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In war games, you can have two same-faction teams fight against each other.

There are some bugs if a team has toons from both factions, so it’s important that each team is full Horde or full Alliance.

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Ah, I thought this was referring to some sort of premade-vs-premade epic BG match

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It is.

They’re having a war game in Alterac Valley.

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Who even are these people?


It’s a wargame for Epic BGs between 2 large Epic BG Communities. It’s like WoW’s very own special olympics.


The people keeping PVP alive :stuck_out_tongue:



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The two biggest egos in epics

I don’t even think random bgs have a super strong horde premade atm or I’d give you an analogy


i have 4 set pve gear and will be in half pve gear mostly, they have had time to farm, less about gear and more about the player.

its also what? 3 weeks in now, surely you could be better geared then me?

(i dont have a single conq piece)

When all the balance druid and fire mage rerolls do a fusion dance it must be pretty op cause they’ve all got smoked when not together.


Yeah, tier bonuses can be really strong.

The PvE gear you’ll be using (i.e. heroic raid or mythic plus gear) is higher ilevel than honor gear. It’s not like your PvE gear will be putting you at a disadvantage.

If that were true, BSG would have been willing to do war games when the new season began and everyone was in full s3 honor gear. Or last season when everyone was fully geared.

I doubt many SPM players have 4-set tier bonuses like you.

Their ilevel might not even be as high as your combination of honor/heroic raid/mythic plus/etc. gear. What is your ilevel in PvP?


On a warrior he will have significantly less versatility than a warrior in full pvp gear. He’ll be squishier but deal more damage, I’d say it’ll be much better on a range character.
pve gear might be a better choice for ranged players in epic bgs as you are rarely taking the brunt of damage and can put out insane dps with the current items this season provides.

The trinket my shaman got from the new dungeon would be equivalent of a 30% damage increase during my burst window if it was on this toon. And since it provides primary stats for the basis I wouldn’t lose too much power from the lack of trinket bonus.