<Bruhh> recruiting hotties for Heroic/Mythic, M+ and War Within! Healers/DPS

[Bruhh] is looking for big chill homies to slay some digital dragons!

Are you seeking an active guild of helpful cool cats to progress raiding, smash Mythic + or just hang out? Then [Bruhh] on Tichondrius (NA) might be the move for you!

We have TWO raids teams to support both East and West coast guildies with times that work better for their respective schedules. Both teams raid on Tuesday/Wednesday, with our East Coast team raiding from 8-11 PM EST and our West Coast team raiding from 9-12 PM PST. Our Eastern team (Awakened Vault Heroic cleared, 1/9M Awakened Abberus, 3/9M Awakened Amirdrassil) is filling fast, but still looking for dedicated mythic experienced healers as well as players willing to start out on the bench and compete for their spot. Our newly formed Western team (7/8 H Vault, 8/9 H Abberus, 9/9 H Amirdrassil) is looking for all mythic-experienced healers and dps while we fill out to 20 and will be progressing Mythic as soon as we have enough western players at the Mythic caliber. We value good attitudes, teamwork, communication and a positive vibes to ensure every member feels motivated to give their all and can’t wait to return the next night. Come join us for Awakened Raids, Pandemonium, M+ and casual PVP as we prepare for The War Within!

Our activities don’t begin or end with Raid night though! We smash M+ keys on the daily, and consist of a group of dedicated players who push it to our limit. We’re always recruiting key pushers of all kinds, and whether you’re a season Mythic+ hottie or looking to dive in head first, Bruhh is happy to have you.

If you’re interested or have any questions, check out our discord and shoot a message to Batmang (East team recruitment lead), Overnighter (West team recruitment lead) or Howlligan. All are welcome, and we’re thrilled to have a chat with you and provide more info about how could be your new home heading into the War Within :slightly_smiling_face:

Big fun, chill attitudes, and dead digital dragons!

Discord: SGAx4Rs67Z

Howlligan BNET: Deoxyz#1186

Overnighter BNET: SHREDTEHGNAR#1566

Batmang BNET: Batmang#11255

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