Bronze Racing Enthusiast

This pet not being cageable makes me sad cause some of them advanced races are
just not in my wheel house…


I feel the same way! I did all the normal races on silver but the advanced ones are going to take a long time for me. I understand blizzard wanted us to engage the dragon riding content but this is the kind of work for a pet that for some of us is really hard. It’s not putting in the time or doing the content that I mind it’s doing it a certain way in the certain amount of time.

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Pet is named “Bronzed” racing enthusiast so why make it so that you need Sliver…Hopefully they change it.


I believe Bronze is the reference to the flight, not the racing itself, heh. Although I was able to get mine, I can see how having it go along with the advanced-bronze achievement would make sense. I think it would be a good consideration for people who have higher ping, especially for The Azure Span. However, I don’t see them changing it any time soon.


A tip for most of them is you can use Bronze Timelock at the start of the course, then when you hit the last ring before the end, you can use timelock and shave 2-3 seconds off your time.

The Silver Times are VERY lenient.

I gave up on Gold. Those are way too tight. But I was able to get Silver so I’m content.

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Make sure you get all of those dragon glyphs to max out your dragon riding before seriously attempting to get the advanced silver achievements. It is much easier I have found now that my dragon is maxed out.

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How do I earn the currency to build up my Dragon Flight. I’ve heard that it’s done by flying over certain markers, but I’ve never seen any of them.

They are mostly at the top of towers and tall mountains, making it a bit of a challenge to get to them.

12 in each zone. A lot of map marker addons (such as HandyNotes DragonFlight) will spot them on the map for you.

You only have to get them once and they are enabled across all alts which is a blessing.


Thank you, very much. I appreciate the help. I made full use of the add-on, and I got all my glyphs. Someone on YouTube claimed you can get them all in an hour. I guess I’m incompetent. It took me a bit longer.

Still, it’s nice to have that done. Dragon-riding is fun, but it’s hard to learn. There were times I had to swing around and pass at a glyph a couple of times before I got it. And seeing me around belfries with glyphs inside was comedy gold.

I now know what someone was referring to with the problems with Dragonrider’s Initiative killing pets. After looking at it, I conclude that Dragonrider’s Initiative is a “player problem,” not a WoW problem.

You could have gone with Dragonrider’s Compassion, instead of Initiative, and that would have avoided this problem. Or you simply have to land out of range and move to the pet. I don’t mean to be unsympathetic. But with my Shaman Loncis, I’ve been killing pets I intended to collect since Legion. It is not always easy to get the AoEs out of the way, particularly since some of them simply procced on their own, whether I intended it or not.

Personally, I think Pet Collectors either need to remember that they are Pet Collectors and go with Dragonrider’s Compassion, or adjust their landings so that it doesn’t kill pets. I don’t think WoW devs need to make pets immune to AoEs.

I didn’t know about the timelock and finished silver advanced without it. It was very (to me) difficult but satisfying. Some courses I had to run 20 or more times until I got it.

Which course is it that gives you pet?

I have to get it quick before my trial is up and I can no longer access my dragon character. I did run one race and I got silver on it. But it didn’t give me anything, so I guess that’s not the one.

I also finished the Family Battler, and got my Lady Feathersworth, or whatever she’s called.

It’s a challenge, but fun when you get it. I once got the Darkmoon Mini-Zep at the Darkmoon Faire. That took me a few tries and a few viewings of a YouTube video.

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You have to get silver advanced in ALL the races unfortunately but it can be done in a couple days so you shouldn’t have any problems getting the pet :heart:

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I finished all the races in Waking Shores. And I got silver in all of them. I got Gold in a couple, and I came like less than half a second from Gold in a couple of them.

It’s fun but some of those races will take a few tries. I feel like it’s not so much a matter of skill as knowing the routes. I got tripped up a couple of times when the path directed me through foliage, only to discover that I have to swoop up a bit to avoid dry land.

Good luck everyone. And again, it’s not skill. It’s a matter of learning the courses.

Edited to Add: I’m going to skip the pet. I’m encountering courses that don’t show the way, so I refuse to bother.


The courses that don’t show the way don’t have any specific route. You have to go through all of the rings and get back to the start point in a certain amount of time. There is no advanced course for these. You only have to get a silver with these once.

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After trying again and again along with a few Fbombs I did manage too get all sliver’s and claim the pet. Too any others struggling just keep at it!


I just got my pet too. It took me a very long time (fps issues). I disabled everything and reduced my graphics to the lowest possible settings and was finally able to do all the advanced races silver. It made me hate dragonriding because it is fps dependent. I can do everything else dungeons , raids, etc except the dragonraces fast because of fps drops. At least it’s done. I hope the developers going forward optimize the game so even with high end systems fps drops in zones like Azure Span and Thaldraszus don’t happen again.

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I agree. Personally, the only reason I’m still subscribed is because of pet battles, and while I’m willing to go to great length to get special pets, the dragon racing is not something I can do well because of my physical disabilities. I’m very disappointed in Blizzard for locking battle pets behind content that’s not for everyone.


Battle pets and pet collecting should be for everyone! I think in this case with dragonriding pet they should have made the pet possible for completing all the races with bronze or made the pet buyable on the ah. I will grind for months etc for pets. I will do raids & dungeons for pets I can’t buy on the ah. I’m still trying to get the micronax pet from Tomb of Sargeras–slowly working through all the raid achievements. There are some twitchy, gross, time achievement pets: this one and the darkmoon faire one that I feel may be out of reach for those with impairments, or just old like me over 50. I’m glad I have those pets but I hated doing this and I think everyone who engages in the content should have a chance at the pets. You’re not alone, Catelan there are many many players who despise Dragon riding but love wow and pet collecting :slight_smile: Wish I could trade you my whelpling. Hopefully, the pet battle, collecting developers at blizzard will see this.