BROKEN - Paladins now have windfury due to critical bug

Watch the video again, it’s pointing out that the macro can easily trigger the proc by resetting the swing timer constantly.

The result is essentially a special attack on demand.

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This bug can get in line behind the vanish bug, the feign death bug and the horrendous bug that has honor not being counted. This is small potatoes in comparison

You must be on some very strong substances, but game mechanics or any kind > rewards in game.

Honor system being borked while annoying is second fiddle to game mechanics.


How about they fix both? Shouldn’t be much to expect from a multi billion dollar company.


Its not reproccing it (hoj) - its giving a melee swing AND 2 extra attacks by stopping and restarting your attack as it procs - i think this is an issue with spell batching because the game sees the swing that procs it, setting your next swing to 0 time but you stopped swinging. Then you start the attack again with a swing time of zero and because of spell batching the game still registers as having an extra attack banked. Im sure if you could click the macro faster between batched (400ms) swings - you would see more attacks.

Either way, abusing an ingame bug (sit/stand should NOT be giving rek stacks and is broken like enrage/blood craze on a warrior) can be considered an exploit.

I also created a thread about this when a certain streamer was testing how it can be abused in strath UD. The thread was deleted because it was deemed to not be doing enough damage to make it worth it.

The more I see how things are working the more I am leaning toward the complete batch cycle in “Vanilla” was 400 ms as is claimed.

However I also suspect that the complete batch cycle in “Classic” is 800 MS with half the cycle “your client to the server” being 400 MS.

This actually kinda makes sense because of how Execute is working right now…

Something is wrong for sure, but what is wrong? Guesses are all we got, but we can do our best to observe and come up with ideas.

Hand of Justice is a 2% proc chance. Is the macro altering that in some way?

As far as I can tell, the only thing the macro should be doing is preventing you from ever getting a normal white swing, thus requiring that an extra-attack already proc before you start spamming it if you want anything good to happen.

Exactly true. But running around in the game 1-2 shotting players and making this the meta? Thats not what we should be doing. Streaming this to 10k+ players and labeling it as ‘testing’ so you can break the ret pally meta does ntohing great for the game.

Still the 2% proc rate, but by abusing the macro you get 2 extra attacks instead of 1.

Yeah. It’s a bad thing and it should be fixed, but come on guys, it’s a 2% proc rate. The sky is not falling.

I agree; just wish Blizzard would post up something regarding all the game bugs that are indeed bugs…

Hell; “We’re working on it” would be good enough for me.

And as for the completion date? “When its done” is also good enough for me.

I just want to know that they actually care and that its being handled; I don’t expect immediate results, but I do EXPECT results.

Does not look bad until you realize how powerful that is in tandem with Reckoning and Seal of Command or Seal of Righteousness; both are considered an extra melee swing that can indeed proc Hoj.

Have a look at the video again, he does a decent job explaining the math and why its so strong.

2% chance on every single attack you do. It can reproc on itself with no internal cooldown. It scales forever with getter gear. By abusing this macro and rek - your 2% proc chance became 10% chance (5 melee swings in the same timestamp).

Dont you understand how it can scale? Its not like it only has a 2% per global to proc.

I’m aware of it and it’s really just…not that big a deal, in the grand scheme of things. Sure, it matters to ret paladins, but it won’t come up in the vast majority of fights.

Say you reckbomb someone for five attacks, and through sheer luck you get five SoC procs. That’s ten chances at a proc. At a 2% proc rate, the odds of zero procs would be (0.98^10) or 81%.

So in the perfect situation, with the perfect setup, and the perfect RNG, you still only have a 19% chance to get a HoJ proc.

(Though I’m still not convinced that SoR procs things that proc on melee hit, I haven’t seen convincing evidence of it and it always sounded like a private server bug to me.)

That’s not how probability works, and given the swing timers involved, the odds are actually worse than 2% per global over infinite time.

edit: Sorry, I was editing the part above when I realized I put a 5 instead of a 10 and left this by accident. Anyway, yes, 5 swings gives a 9.6% proc chance, but you’re not going to have five swings every fight and, in 90% of fights, you’re not going to see the HoJ proc even off your reckbomb.

Again: Obviously, a bad thing. Obviously, an exploit that should be fixed. But the sky simply is not falling.

His video actually displayed quite the opposite of that.

His “video” is an edited highlight reel. That’s like trying to bring up Unbreakable’s PVP video to claim that Windfury has a 200% proc rate.


Nobody wanted spell batching.


It works for all extra attacks. Sword spec warriors. Sword spec rogues. Windfury Shaman. Windfury totems on warriors and rogues. Thrash blade. Flurry axe. Ironfoe. When you stack these items you can get some serious uptime on procs.

Dont forget all of those extra attacks are instant in the same spell batch. Abusing a start/stop attack macro makes it worse because those things all get an extra proc aswell.

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Except half the people retorting in threads complaining about Spell Batching…

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