Bringing back Rp to AD and Scryers.

(Visalakiri) #1
I know this has been attempted in the past, but is anyone on this server interested in bringing rp back here? I'm thinking of trying to organize something if there is enough interest. I play both Alliance and Horde though more the Former than the latter. So for those interested please post here. :)

(Tholine) #2
*raises hand*

Clearly I don't come to the forums much, but if I had a reason to log into this character aside from questing I totally would.

(Izlude) #3
I've been RPing my character via emotes and /say for years but haven't gotten into proper RP since my old Moonguard days. I totally would return to it though.

(Muken) #4
I would very much love this. Ive joined a Horde community with RP in mind but even that has been hit and miss.

(Breloom) #5
I wouldn't mind some lite rp

(Saict) #6
yea why not?

(Prismatic) #7
New to the RP scene but that's the whole reason I created this character was to be able to. Havn't seen any one on though but NPC's let alone any RP. I would be interested in getting into some forum RP and in game RP, just cant find others to do so with. I'm not extensively well versed in WOW lore though. My character is a really simple one to reflect that. not much of a past. Just an orphan from the area of Goldshire, kept to herself in the local woods area till adult hood and now just starting out on her own in life as a hunter. Dosn't know much about the world beyond or whats going on in it. It would be awesome to give her a friend or two she'd have met growing up for her to start her adventures out into the world with.
If anyone would be interested in making a new low level to be her besty, Or maybe a useing their higher level character as mentor for her to know or meet that would be awesome. My discord is Prismatic Fate #6709

(Italus) #8
Holding my breath for Classic. Hoping they Name some RP Servers Classic AD, so I can roll my Pally on there.

(Erixi) #9

Same here. Except won’t be playing a pally. Probably switching to Horde for Classic but will try and always be on AD (if they have one). Just hope they have RP realms and actually enforce them.


I am also looking forward to finding a guild or folks that are interested in Classic so we can get together and start building a community.


(Kaileena) #11

I would LOVE to see RP on The Scryers. At end moment I have to cross realm group with people from MoonGuard and WRA.