Bring Your Hero up to Speed with the Enhanced Level 70 Boost

Yes it is, a lot of mounts, and mog are what rep unlocks. Not to mention DF’s main Endgame mechanic has been Rep farming.

To just give all of that out for a credit card slap is wrong.


Literally what

DF’s main endgame mechanic is raiding, mythic+, and PvP.


That’s just cosmetics, tho. We all liek to joke a good mog is a dps increase, but it’s really not. Mogs and mounts do nothing.


Pay to win at what though? The main actually useful things you get from renown with the pre-10.2 DF factions are things like profession knowledge points (anyone who is trying to get into professions now has a long road ahead and is not likely to make much gold before TWW anyway) and primal infusions (which will each let you craft one piece of gear that may be legitimately useful in timewalking but aside from that will be totally obsolete due to the low ilvl).

Also shikaar horns can be nice for open world content but that’s about it


That will happen when there is a release date announced.


No, no it’s not. Every expansion has had.

Every expansion also has other overworld features like Garisons, Covenants, mission tables, torghast, etc.

ALL DF had beyond M+ or Raiding, was a Rep farm.

If they do nothing, then why not make EVERY single new mog or mount ONLY come from the in-game cash shop?

Literally skipping the reputation grinds to unlock all of the cosmetics. Which is a good chunk of why people even ground them out to begin with.


It’s a downright shame that modern gaming has come down to this. Instead of playing and earning rewards, people just slap down extra money to bypass everything and get the rewards automatically granted to them.

It’s utterly disgusting actually.


The picture is misleading. This boost doesn’t include 3-day early access, 30 days of game time, transmog cosmetics, hearthstone, battle pet, or trader’s tender. In fact, as far as I can tell, out of everything in that picture, the only thing that is included with this bundle is the level 70 character itself.

Are you intentionally trying to mislead people, or did someone link the wrong picture?


It’s not pay to win, but eventually I can sorta see them going in that direction…
Because if you told anybody five years ago hey, you can buy a boost and you’ll get to skip the rep grind people would say na that would never happen


You think it is bad now? Just wait!

It is pay to win.

Not only are you getting profession items or other things that could help your end game character out of this.

But you’re also getting a massive account wide buff to your reputations and full on near maxed reputations in some aspects that took a LOT of grinding.

That cool Red Highland Drake you worked hard for? Yeah, everyone can have that now for a credit card slap.

You’re literally paying to win the cosmetics that others had to grind for.

It’s disgusting.

You’re just not “winning” in damage numbers. But you are winning with money in the actual expansion’s content.


What’s your definition of pay to win?


Not a lot of the cosmetics look good anyway, aside from the tuskarr backpacks and maybe some of the centaur weapons if you want something that looks like low level Vanilla WoW gear with modernized graphics.

If you think a lot of people are going to take this deal then you can start farming the items needed to buy the cosmetics and sell them on the AH to people who bought boosts and probably make a bunch of gold

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Are you trying to make an argument that they should be on the shop from the start? It’s the end of the expac. We dont even know if this will happen next expac. Not a big deal.

Well they got them earlier than anyone buying a boost if they actually wanted them. If you want something, you generally get it before boosts get it. You’d have a point if they gave an enhanced boost like 3 months into the expac.

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ohh boy can’t wait for sub 16 keys in the next few weeks… it’s already a gong show

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And it’s not max rep, so it’s not all of the stuff. And you still need all of the currencies and mats to buy them.

Since when?

I don’t know what game you’re playing, but it isn’t WoW.

Again, louder…

You aren’t getting max rep for all cosmetics and you still have to acquire the currencies and mats to buy them.

Literally nothing about 20 and 12 Renown is pay to win.


Spending real life money to Obtain rewards for 0 effort. That others had to do effort for.

So for instance the TP isn’t P2W, as it’s not really effort people put in but just tokens everyone just gets.

The reputations however you have to work for and grind, to then get thier rewards.

That would be like saying Mythic Raid Sets should have their appearances for Sale too. SAME CONCEPT

It’s a big deal, because they have NEVER given out full on rep grinds or grinds with the boost. Just a lvl increase and catch up basic gear.

That would be like giving someone free Mythic Tier appearances for a cash value.

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I mean, on the other hand, since they’re just cosmetics, why did it really need a boost?

It’s not like having high Renown is necessary for any endgame content. Plenty of raiders have ignored the factions entirely this whole time, and it was fine.

I dunno, I just don’t think it needed a skip.

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No it isnt. Hard to imagine that. Makes sense to me that blizz wants people playing in current content for all the fun stuff instead of staying in old content for months grinding out cosmetics.

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Yes it, its the SAME thing.

Hard Work to get the Mog from the vendor.

Hard Work to get the Mythic Appearances.

They could give them to players WITHOUT the tier bonus powers.

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