Bring [Paid Transfers] before or at the beginning of Phase 2

World PvP is going to suck for both sides on certain servers. One side is going to be simply trying to FIND someone to PvP with, and the other side is going to have fun trying to 1v4 and get corpse camped, and graveyard camped for hours.

Therefore, the only emergency solution now since all other solutions were ignored (Faction queues, Faction transfers, Free Realm Transfers with Faction Limitations) is giving out Paid transfers to either similar populated servers or lower pop servers.

I personally would want to move my character from Kirtonos to Heartseeker as a Horde, since I like to be at a disadvantage and I like to be able to find wPvP anytime I go out in the world. This way we give players a CHOICE and then they cannot blame Blizzard for a crappy experience. But as of now, it is 100% Blizzard’s fault for the horrible launch, lack of any sort of plan on keeping factions balanced, and lack of foresight for any of the issues with the free transfers (Coward alliance running away causing huge further imbalance, people getting stuck because no announcements about closing times)

I simply cannot stand going out in the world and not being able to find allies to have PvP with, or having some horde come and ruin my 1v1 or 1v2. I personally only play this game for wPvP, I raid for gear for PvP, I make money for consumes for PvP… battlegrounds are great too but I need a balance between battlegrounds and wPvP.

Faction balance is a HUGE thing in Vanilla and has so far been ignored by Blizzard, even though there are many, many players who are affected and voiced their complaints about it in threads like: Free Character Moves for this Region - October 17

Which were strangely unpinned after only being up for 4 days, even though the transfers are still going on.

This problem cannot be ignored any longer because many people will quit once they realize the world they were so excited to partake in does not exist and Vanilla will only be an instanced game like Retail… just doing BGs and Raids…

On a final note, I will completely ignore any baiting comments such as “Just reroll bro”, “It was your fault for rolling there bro”, and “Horde players dug their own graves bro”

After they balance population numbers, I’m hoping they open free faction-restricted transfers to help balance factions on each PvP realm.

You must be the minority, I was ganked on my 54 priest alt about 15-20 times by groups of 4-5 all night tonight. My KoS list is pointless. Your level 60’s are sitting outside BRD just ganking anyone.

Meanwhile I have guildies running to South American servers to escape. I guess enjoy it but seriously the griefing is insane

really hoping for both PvP --> Normal AND Normal --> PvP servers

Sorry, but I don’t support PvE-> PvP transfers. PvE is too easy to farm ranks and money. PvP->PvE sure.

Just reroll bro

I don’t know why Blizzard support can’t help with niche cases… I transfered to a server and my one friend did it a few hours too late and we are split now. They should be able to transfer him too.