Bring back 2H for Enhancement

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What would be nifty I think is bring back 2h as an option by adding a near-end tree talent that adds an additional attack to windfury so it’s damage is viable on a 2H weapon.

Change elemental blast to guarantee a WF proc off the next stormstrike rather than the current haste/crit/mastery effect which can be shifted else where in the talent tree as it’s own passive proc or attached to a different talent/ability that is more focused on raiding builds.

I think the best place to move the current effect of elemental blast would be tie it into the ascendance line, which also needs a longer duration baseline and the effect for crit/haste/mastery bonus can be ramped up to something more noticeable. Move elemental blast into a middle tree talent so either build (2h or DW) can access guaranteed WF procs.

As 2H will not be able to build maelstorm as effectively as DW, elemental blast will need to be made an instant ability instead of casted for this to work and as such the need to consume malestorm when using elemental blast should be removed as well in order for it to provide a functional rotation for 2H enhancement.

There will definitely need to be a talent accessible to 2H builds that improves maelstorm generation rates as well if it is to be a viable/functional build.

This 2H build would be better suited to dungeons and other short skirmishes that don’t have time to utilize full rotations unlike dual wielding, which dual wielding will provide better sustained DPS for longer encounters where dual wielding rotation requires a much longer setup and a focus around long cooldowns,

2H enhancement will be able to do more damage in shorter windows at the cost of long term sustained DPS like you would get with a dual wield focused talent build.


I think there is a chance this is in the works. Fingers crossed for 11.0 class changes.

Inhales copium concentrate.


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So we’d have to completely redo 1/2 the tree to work special ways based on taking this 2h talent?


:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I mean. Its a rather huge hurdle and something difficult to sell the devs on.

“hey, when you design the enh class, design it a second time, too”

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:roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

Got anything constructive to say or just gonna troll post m8? I have coding experience, it would take only a day to implement the changes, do you know anything about coding? :slight_smile:

Ever build a game? No? clearly not.

Cyberstalking is a federal crime.

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Cool. Please get a job running Blizzard then. Cause every single bit of evidence with how video games put out changes, every single one of them takes more than a day for something this massive.

You are just amazing at everything, and need to be running these companies.


You cant be serious.

So, you have no experience building a game or coding? Cool. Troll post.

You are arguing against improvements to your own class, lol. Anyways.

Yes, I do have quite a bit of experience building a game.

My name is literally in the credits of multiple AAA titles. Sure it was from about 14 years ago.

Just because you want 2h doesnt mean its an improvement to the class.

Also…what was that about federal crimes again? I’d love for that to be expanded on.

You are a disgruntled ex-employee. Already forwarded this to the FBI.

Not disgruntled at all.

this is just getting entertaining for silly reasons.

So may I ask what your experience is in the video game building industry?

lol I’m not feeding a troll.

You’ve given no logical argument against the outlined changes, theres more in the post than just improvements to 2H. You are attempting to cause psychological harm and are targeting me, its called cyberstalking and it’s a federal crime because it crosses state lines.

The person regularly invoking federal laws on cyberstalking and the FBI says someone else is trolling.

Because resources are finite. When you are asking for a large amount of resources and time to be pushed into this, its gonna be a huge ask.

…then please press charges.

But remember. Real life threats violates the forums policies.

No problem.

Be sure to include how you posted something in an open forum, and someone responded to you and had the audacity to disagree. And that someone publicly disagreeing with you amounts to cyberstalking and harassment causing mental anguish.

No problem.

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I will say I hope so but Ion doesn’t want it to return and he is the game director so. I love enhancement being dw but I want to see what Modern 2h would look like for pve and pvp

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Well I came up with a good way to do this. For specs that can use dw or 2 like Enhancement, Windwalker and Frost at the top of the talent tree have 2 buttons click one for dw and one for 2. Clicking those would adjust the talents for both. It would adjust the numbers and what not. And you make it so if they have selected dw the abilities will not work with a 2h and vice versa.

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I feel it’d be less coding work/production time to just drop/change the useless bloat talents in either tree (there’s a lot - especially towards the end of the shaman tree for any spec), there’s plenty of room to work both 2H and DW into the enhancement tree because making 2H viable only requires basically a single tiered branch and a couple adjustments to already existing and debugged abilities. It’d also be less confusing for new players this way too I feel.

Didn’t the last guy that made terrible decisions just get shown the door? lol

Did Ion just get started in his position or what??

If he isn’t new to his position then Ion has be doing a lousy job of directing the game into homogenization and stagnation and player/subscriber attrition.

I’ll take whatever his perspective is with an enormous grain of salt right now until sales reflect improvements/positive changes moving numbers (annual player/subscriber attrition) in the correct direction.

And thank you for actually engaging the topic at hand/ignoring the troll. :grin: