Brimstone Staff Visual Not working

On the character info tab in game the wings of Brimstone staff flap. However, in game (on your back) and on the login screen the wings of the staff do not flap.

It seems to me that this is not working as intended as other items like the Staff Of Dominance show the purple sparks in game. Please fix this if you can, the item design is certainly quite cool. Thanks in advance.


Same issue, please fix.

Bumping for visibility.

Same issue. Bump.

Same issue noted on my lock. Please fixđź’™

Please fix this before BC lol

Another bump!

Noticed the same thing after I won it the other night. Another bump in hopes this gets fixed.

This one too. literally unplayable ;p

Really hoping to see a fix on this. So disappointed the animation doesn’t work.

A trip back to the top for this one too.

So excited to snag this staff last night. Heartbroken that the animation isn’t visible to me. Flaps all the time in character panel, and other people can see it flapping, but I can’t. Must be such an easy fix! Please Bliz!

Yes, fix it.

bump, Please this staff is still immobile ingame. only on character screen.

Bumping again, in futility… But hey they fixed the color on 2.5 stuff so maybe there’s hope?
Edit: Looks like this is being fixed in the next patch!

Still not working.

On inspection it flaps but in world it doesn’t.

Still not working :frowning:

Ya got this staff too and is not working… sad about it…

Another bump for visibility! Been a couple months now, would be nice to have a fix at some point please! I love the staff but without the animation it’s just not the same

Mage Bump for the cause.