Brill and Undercity empty?

Hi, I just started a character on this server. I did a /who around Brill, and then another /who in the Undercity at level 9. It showed up empty, even after I extended the range to 120.

Are lower levels blocked from seeing other people, or is it truly empty?

I’ve never ever seen the Undercity empty before. O.o

Edit: I made another character on a different server. I made it to level 9 again and went to the Undercity. I saw people walking around, this time, so I don’t think it was a case of lower levels being blocked, or being in an instanced version of UC. I think it was just… empty. O.o That would’ve been awesome for Halloween! Very eerie and spooky, haha!

/who still doesn’t seem to be working for me, yet. Perhaps I’m using it incorrectly…

not many people will be in undercity after the events of BfA unless you’re really into that place and time travel.


I asked someone what that means, and they said that after people reach a certain level or area, then the Undercity is no longer available to them. So this must be why no one was visiting! It’s literally not there anymore for them. :o So wild! I can’t wait to see. That sounds very exciting.