<Bricked> FRI/SAT 8p-11p EST 4/9M LFM for mythic raid progression and m+

is a new guild of a small group of friends looking for people interested in breaking into mythic raiding and pushing high keys.

We are currently 4/9M and have a core group of players at 3k mythic plus rating.

We are looking for DPS to bolster our roster so we can progress mythic Amirdrassil. Would also consider players that are looking for a consistent m+ pushing team.

If you are interested, please reach out via discord or bnet.
discord: acadiian
bnet: acadiian#1623

I love these guys, spending time with them last season was some of the most fun I have ever had in the game. Grats on 3k!

You guys still need some dps and is it possible to join the guild even if im on horde side ??

Hey Defflect! We are heading into Mythic this Friday at 8pm now that Hall of Fame is full. Reach out to me via discord if you are still interested in joining us.

Still looking for DPS for Mythic progression and M+!

Oh damn i just saw your msg sry if still need dps let me know i will join fo sure thx and sry for late reply

Hey Defflect no worries, just add me on bnet or discord and you can join us this week.