Brian, thank you!

queues are player caused issues

LOL sure bud. Its not like blizzard could have not sold that many transfers if servers couldnt keep up.

Blizz knows how to turn off transfers they have done it before in retail.

this is a problem they helped created by turning a blind eye to it.

Agreed way to go Brian for actually keeping the community informed! Don’t let the few bad apples spoil the fun for us all. Keep up the great work and I look forward to what WOTLK has to offer. GAME ON!

Never thought I would read that one day in the forums!

people kept moving knowing it was already a full server lmao noone forced them to move stop whining oh ur a bene player carry on with all the others who would rather sit in a queue then take a move

ROFLMAO. Two weeks ago entire Herod was moved to Grob by Blizzard. Totally player caused LOL. We’ve got most toxic players and a queues. Maybe more then just Herod. World’s stupidest server merger.

The que didnt start till they removed servers and allowed those players to go elsewhere. This is 100% something blizzard could have stopped.

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100% Totally fault of Blizzard.

they ,moved to already high over pop servers so yea it is player issues for making a already high server even higher pop

Here is one of these moments again…

Why did you folks flag the OP and then upvote the guy agreeing with them?

I don’t understand you people at all.

So you have a reading comprehension problem? Perhaps you might want to read instead of being nose-deep in their buttocks.

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ive been here for over a hour watching people whine and complain about queues when they chose to go to these servers/refused to take the free move

PPl have moved multiple times. To other servers that died. Its going to make people wary of moving.
Especially when one is a very low pop server and the other one was dying just recently. Now they decide to make another new server and you still have to find out…will it survive or will i need to pay 25 to go back to a server that is still running.

take a risk vs whine and complain id take option 1

It’s so funny how Blizzard has no guts to come forward to us on THEIR forums and talk. Instead they’re hiding on a Twitter. They have talented game designers but system engineers are total joke.

Yes so basically you just conform to them.

shrug i just take the options handed to me im not gonna play this guy in wrath anyays so no bug issue for me just waiting for pagle xfer to be open agian so i can move him back

It’s up.

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