Brian, thank you!

Community Reactions to Wrath Classic Queue Times - Wowhead News

Here’s something not on Twitter. I hate the platform and only made an account to try to see the Blizzard stuff because they think putting things on there before other places such is appropriate for some reason.


Big Mootwo fan and this is why.
Thanks. Much appreciated.


ROFL!!! OH PLEASE! A random tweet a week and a half late that has no information and we’re to be grateful? No. They are not working on this game for free. It carries a paid subscription. They just released an $80 bundle for a 14 year old game. That tweet was nothing more than too little too late damage control. This is also a problem of their own creation. Do not sit here and preach to us about needing to be grateful for such a pathetic display.


Wait, did they start actively using the forums to communicate with the community and I missed it somewhere?

Or is this the biweekly/monthly random tweet Brian gives out to try and calm down the number of people tagging him on that horrendous website?


Nothing supports the " Nurture and Protect Social Experiences" like being forced to abandon your community and move to a new server! Yes, excellent job Brian!


Two issues I have are prioritizing use of Twitter over their own forum and not anticipating the spike in demand. I am not optimistic but I will be watching for the “I’ll have more to say about it on the forums soon” post. With the situation not improving after the weak offer of limited free transfers I would recommend he start hammering that post out sooner than later.

Brian, haste please.

Huh. Seems we got sooner.


I think they’ve been using twitter to communicate with the community for several years now.

Imagine if they had created their own website with a discussion board function, with a large character limit so they could go into detail on topics, with proper threading so that discussions could be followed and found easily, and admin privileges so that they could remove anyone who took things too far. As well as requiring a subscription to participate so that the number of trolls could be greatly reduced right off the start!

Wild concept, that. No way anyone could make it work.


Why not turn your ideas into money and apply for a job there?

A much, much more productive use of my time would be just about anything else. Including putting dedicated NEET trolls on ignore :slight_smile:


3-4 hours queue and you thanking a company that never respected their player base.
Excuses are not fixing their game. At this point it’s unplayable.

Make sure you wipe the lipstick off his backside when youre done.

A single tweet weeks late.

Yeah great communication.

Brian “I made one tweet one time two weeks late” Birmingham back at it again with the shiny boots because die hards are willing to ignore every flaw in some cope filled post to try to shine a good light on a company that has repeatedly mistreated their consumer.

LMAO sure they are

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Why would you make a post about Blizz saying something without Telling us less nerds what they said lol

cuz not everyone is a complete a… hole like you

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Oh of course! I should have checked twitter instead of their official forums!
How silly of me!

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Gratz on whatever tweet this is. He will just need 10000 ppl from bene to move. not sure how many from grob or faelina. I see this being a challenge for them.

people are antsy about joining a server that could be a dud.

They basically said “we are an indie company and dont have the resources (even though you pay us a heft amount) to fix a 2009 problem.”

queues are player caused issues