Breath of life to Faerlina

Whats up beautiful peeps

The past 8months or so our server has been on a steep free fall down a ledge after all alliance streamers either quit or transferred to a pce server called benediction which is the exact opposite of faerlina with 99% alliance instead.
The past 3 months our guild has seen us clearing raids and advancing trough the tiers.
If you have characters on Faerlina alliance please come back. And if you want to transfer somewhere come to faerlina. We got room for everybody. And dont worry about the ah being dead we get around. Theres been an influx in a lot of new players lately so there are low levels. Ease join faerlina and MAGA (no not the trump thing)


Faction change for wotlk

That would be quite boring tho wouldn it? No world pvp?

the people who care about wpvp went to grobb.


wpvp died when classic ended

Although I don’t think you’re going to get what you’re after I respect you for sticking it out as long as you have as alliance on Faerlina.

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It’s shocking that you don’t have enough people to play with.


We out here. Majority that stays like the underdog situation. We have agreed to not transfer until we either get free transfers or if they get they butts around and merfe opposite faction majority servers w each other (say bene faerlina merge for example)

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Nah, it just moved to Grobulus

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People wanted 1 sided mega realms. What’s what they got. No one is coming back. Once a faction is dead, it stays that way. All those people paid or rerolled to get off it. The last thing they’ll ever do is come back. Benediction horde moved to Faerlina. Faerlina alliance moved to Benediction. That’s how it’s going to stay forever now unless Blizzard intervenes (unlikely to ever occur).

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the numbers dont lie
people do not want nor care about wpvp

way to kill 2 servers with one stone

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Wpvp on grob is lit af :fire:

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world pvp after vanilla?

LOL Good joke bro… LOLOLOL

I agree with OP. People keep whining about server imbalance…well quit running from/contributing to the problem by bailing when the grain is against you and confront it. roll Alliance on Faerlina, roll Horde on Benediction.


This. People wanted the clout of saying “I play PvP” without playing PvP. So both servers drove one faction off entirely and now are sitting at 90-10 one faction, and also are double the reasonable population for a server with two healthy factions.

If, and probably when, Bizz runs another Classic-Wrath season, they need to add Faction Queues. Period.

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I support this. Make azeroth great again!
Also, salute to faerlina alliance. Cant wait for some epic wintergrasp in wrath!