Breaching the Path -help!

Hey all, im trying to do the next quest in my last zone for outland Loremaster which is breaching the path, but when i go to Thane yorgrmar to try and get a whistle to summon the rider to get the quest , he has no dialog options when i go to him in the wildhammer strong hold, is their something im missing or is my only step waiting on a ticket with bliz?

Double check that the flare gun didn’t end up hiding in your bags or get stuffed in your bank. (It’s called Wildhammer Flare Gun, so use the inventory search option.) If I’m remembering correctly, it doesn’t always show up as a button on the tracker depending on which actual quest you’re on so you need to find it in your bags.

sadly not in my bags or in my bank, guess i keep waiting, as they most recently told me to talk to the horde giver of a krokron flare gun, despite me being on a draenai