Brawler's Guild Guild Interest Check

inb4 “WrA character”-- I figured this would be something that could get me to come back to MG tbh

So I know the Brawler’s guild is already a thing, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in the idea of an RP guild that focuses primarily on that content, or even if there was one on the Alliance/Horde side that I could join.

Mainly I was figuring events would be focused around watching and participating in the Brawler’s Guild/Brawl’gar Arena. Reflecting kind of what the areas already provide but with added role-playing benefits. You could have the barkeeps, the guards, the gladiators, hustlers, etc.

Then when they’re in off season we could go to Tanaris and do some 1v1 PvP in those arenas. Maybe some dueling tournaments, idk


Have you ever thought of being a pvp officer in a guild?

no mainly because that is definitely not my cup of tea lol

I would love to see more people RP this! I think it’s a great idea!

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