Brawl Idea: Torghast power ups in random bgs?

Just imagine the possibilities…Random Torghast powers appearing on the map and you pick up one that gives you ascendance every time you bloodlust!

The possibilities are endless!

Fun to think about, wouldn’t be fun in practice

The game really needs more 1 shots.

So my pally can have 2 minutes wings at the start of the game and only consume 2 holy powers to fire a verdict shot and bubble applies to all my team member?

they could call it 1v1 random overpowdered torghast grounds

Idk, I think it could be fun and would also give a undergeared people a chance to do some big damage.

I get where you’re coming from but this game mode would be unrated and just a brawl. You could also not play it because nothing would require you to do it.

And why not? There are many many broken powers on most specs and classes. Warriors can basically become immune to all damage permanently. Also, that power wouldn’t be very good on flag carry maps because you’d make your fc drop the flag!

It would be timed so it wouldn’t last forever.

it would turn overpowered players with gear into literal gods… no thank you.

instead of wasting time and resources in producing another borrowed power themed pvp playset, they really need to focus on fixing what they already have — which is broken and not very fun.

there are aspects of the game that i see that are becoming less and less populated as time goes on; from mog runs, pug cn’s, friends lists, etc. and recently the server pops are frequently shifting from full to high. the effects are now manifesting in less players playing.

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But the powers would be for everyone? They would also be rng. So if I was undergeared and got the one to let me use blood lust multiple times while the enemy geared shaman got the one to make healing stream totem heal 100% more… How does that favor the geared person?

It would be the rng of it that would be awesome and suck at the same time. I’m kinda indifferent towards it… Move brawls up to every week and include it and strands in the rotation. Variety is a good thing.

if the rolls were reversed that geared player would do a riverdance all over you and your 3 undergeared buddies like were a lvl 1 critters.

doesnt matter how much variety they offer – a kitchen can offer many pans, but if the recipe is bad then the result will be something gross and unappealing – like what we see now.

But you’re already at a disadvantage. This would actually rng give you the ability to turn the tide rng based. You’d go from never having an advantage over the geared person to having an advantage roughly 50% of the time. Sounds like a win to me.

Variety and choice is always a good thing man. If you don’t like the food, you have the choice not to eat it. If it turns out it’s better than you expected? Awesome. Also everyone likes to eat different things. Variety is the spice of life my friend.

so 50% of the time you can compete on a equal footing and 50% of the time the enemy player is a raid boss. missing the point of disregarding these ‘projects’ as wasteful instead of asking why the dev team hasnt fixed the more obvious issues plaguing pvp this expansion.

ehh… if i want a good steak i dont go to an all you can eat buffet. too much variety will inevitably result in a compromise of quality.

Because that’s not how it works if you’ve been paying attention. Blizzard likes to create stuff and just slap it in. Hit or miss. They don’t really spend time fixing old stuff. This would be pretty easy to make and could be decent. All while providing another choice for people.

Yeah but if your restaurant only offers good steak and nothing else you’re not gonna succeed. There’s a reason why excellent steakhouses usually offer chicken and ribs too. Hell the last time I went to the one by my house (pre covid) had a cauliflower steak. Lol

They aren’t going to. It’s literally been years since any real time has been put into pvp. You act like it would be some huge effort…all they would have to do is replace the normal buff spawn points with the others…

They are going to do that in a normal bg already…

Better than getting pwned 100% of the time by the geared person…

You’re entitled to your opinion but I don’t really understand your stance. A geared player is already like a god vs an undergeared one.

so why even entertain it? you can support whatever you want tbh, nothing i say or you say will persuade them to do anything.


I mean, a forum is a place to discuss ideas isn’t it? It’s just an idea.

I know it’ll never happen, it’s just fun for me to think about.

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Eh as I said they like to introduce new stuff. I’d prefer this over ashran probably :rofl: or the weird overhaul of the one mop map (brain fart). Blizzard will do what they want though.

Yeah, girlfriend ordered it because she’s not a huge steak person. She regretted it :rofl: didn’t affect the quality of my steak though! Other than having to share it…

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for sure man, creativity is important and necessary but pvp as a whole should be addressed before we get into modifiers and additional power systems.

Nothing? 105 anima is nothing? You know how scarce that stuff is?

I have thought before of a mode where a 2 groups go through a Torghast run then have a team battle while keeping the powers they gained in Torghast but this obvs wouldn’t actually work for a multitude of reasons.

Some classes also gain way better powers whereas some get powers from the toilet store.

I agree but something as small as this wouldn’t take away from anything imo. They seem to be more worried about this stuff anyway…

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I like this idea in principle but it would be a complete and utter nightmare to balance, even if you make it a rubber-band mechanic where torghast powers go to the losing team.

Torghast powers work in Torghast because it’s an environment specifically designed for Blizzard to be able to throw whatever they want at the wall with zero regard for balance. PvP is kind of the extreme opposite of that.