Braveheart 7/10 M 10/10 H is LF a DPS Mythic Raiding

Braveheart is LF for 2 Committed DPS for SOD. Pushing CE . Main Raid Team will raid Tues and Wed @6-9 PM Pacific Time (9 PM-Midnite Eastern). Fridays will be Heroic . Current Prog 7/10 Mythic and 10/10 on Heroic that is cleared weekly. Sunday Night is open guild run with “skip” on Normal . 5 year Raid Team in an active 14 year guild. I prefer to be contacted in Discord Horse#5014 .We are a solid chill group that pushes a lot of keys and arenas too… Thank You Horse GM of Braveheart

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We are still LF a solid DPS or 2 for main team

Or contact me (raid leader) @Zeack4162