Brand New Player Looking For Guild

Hi All, I am 100% brand new to WoW. I created a character and leveled to 10 so I could post. I am open to any realm. I am looking to have fun and explore the lore and landscape of the game, and eventually raid and hit max level. I have a 110 token, but want to save it for my 2nd character. Adult, have discord, and mic. EST free at night. Thanks!

Reformation is an Alliance guild in Shadow Council / Blackwater Raiders connected server. We’re a social leveling guild that has a collection of players of all levels. Relatively small, but friendly, helpful guild.

Samvimes#11432 bnet tag if you would like to know more.

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Found a Green Quest (Est. March 2018) a horde PVE guild with a cross-realm community is located on Zul’jin. We’re a small but growing fun, friendly, social family. We have a big focus on fun in and out of Azeroth.

We host community events such as fun contests, leveling groups, crazy mythics/dungeons/raids and more!

If you would like more information, have any interest or have any questions please reach out to me on here, or discord.

Real ID: Kiua#1912
Discord: Kiuayoukai#2395

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we raid Tues/Thur/Sun:7pm-10pm EST… We are a Progressional raid team looking to get AOTC in the up coming content. We are in need of healers and dps. add me at Xlor#11272 for more info

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Hi there Spinello!

My name is Kaniele and i am the GM of Dracarys Productions on Bleeding-Hollow!
We are recruiting members to join our CORE mythic group teams as well as people to join our raiding team!

We are a small group of fun, friendly, down to earth people. We are currently rebuilding after losing most members due to classic and a bit of a hiatus.
Our goal each tier is to clear Heroic. We run mythic + weekly and like to do things on off days such as mog/mount runs, achievement runs and Alt runs.

Current Raid days/times are Tues/Thurs 8:30-11pm EST but willing to switch a day to another weekday if majority votes on it.

Please message me if you are a down to earth person who doesn’t care so much about the logs but about having fun. Understand that this is a guild REBUILDING and is looking for active members to become a part of this community.

You may add me on bnet or discord.