Bounty Satchel Not Dropping

I did the daily heroic on titan rune difficulty shortly after the servers came up. There was no Bounty Satchel that dropped.

Has anyone seen the satchel drop yet?

After the servers came up, there were two layers, each with a different heroic daily. Could it have been because the satchel was tied only to one of the dungeons even though the NPC was giving out heroic dailies for both of them?

It’s not a guaranteed drop

Yes, it is a guaranteed drop from the daily heroic on titan rune difficulty

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I’m reading and hearing mixed reports on this one.

You’re not the first person to not see it drop.

I have done numerous heroic + dungeons and have only seen it on heroic daily. 2 days in a row. So i think you are right

It is now.

Thats not at all what the post means It always was 100% chance just only ONE person got it before.

not addressing that since that was not intended and now is no longer supposed to be happening

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