Bought the 70 power level lost shadowlands quests

I was at the beginning of the shadowlands quests at lvl 60. Then I bought the 70 boost. I lost my place in shadowlands. Now I have zero quests there and cannot return to the maw area. I cannot find any of the shadowland campaign quest lines in my quest log. Do I need to speak to an admin about resetting something?
I cant even fly my mount in shadowlands.

the level 70 boost clears out your quest log, so you’ll have to go back to the NPCs who gave you the quests you were working on to pick them up again.

Okay, only problem is I dont know how to get back to the maw

Can you get to Oribos?

If Horde go to Orgrimmar, down to the Portal Room, and Oribos is in the circle of portals.

If Alliance, go to Stormwind, into the Mage Tower, up to the portal room. Turn left and Oribos is the last on the right.

Then jump down the central shaft to the Maw.

Or do you mean that dropping down the central shaft doesn’t drop you in the Maw?

P.S. What is your character’s name and realm? We should be able to check where it has been set to in the quest chain.

If you were doing the intro quest chain in the Maw and had not yet reached Oribos, then according to this support article there should be a death gate in Stormwind/Orgrimmar that will take you back to the Maw. In Stormwind I suspect it would be in front of the main keep where you first started the Shadowlands intro, I don’t know where it would be in Orgrimmar.

When i jump into the middle of oribos it just teleports me back up

OK then try Tureja’s suggestion