Botting has GOT to stop

No that was someone else, I only mentioned that you can get the items you’re bringing up still.

Because you mix up posters?

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I mean this has been a thing since MoP maybe before, nothing new

How does someone’s post count relate to a problem that exists?

Does botting not happen bcse this dude has a low post count?

If you’re a number bully, I can always grab a ruler and humble you…

Yep, you’re right. I apologize. I mixed you two up. I think I’ll step away, I’m getting too defensive about all this. Again, sorry.

Botters are attracted to the least-effort/most-reward spots. The majority of the zones don’t have botters because there are far better spots in other zones.

Until/unless Blizz changes mob/node densities, respawn rates, loot tables, they’ll never move “down” the list of best spots into those currently-empty zones.

If any of those zones even have spots that are worth the trouble in the first place.

I’ve seen bots take over games and, yes, it’s really bad. But you have to step in front of them as soon as you can or trying to stem the tide is pointless.

most they’ll do is phase you away from them if you come across them. chances are, they are hiding an rmt partnership with china.

i’m not sure how you think that would put a stop to anything.

they’d have another account up and running before the GMs had cycled back around to the shard again.

I’ve played many expansions and never seen it this bad either tbh.


most of those expansions didn’t have CRZ.

How would it not stop anything? If they moderate the game for an hour, each day, and hit at least 10 different shards, then the next day cycle to a different shard, in a week the gold farmers would be losing incredible amounts of cash to continue their ‘operations’. They’d hardly be breaking even, or coming up with a net loss. And if they don’t take the easy way and funnel money in to Blizzard for level 50 character boosts, and just bot their characters from 1-50/60, then that’s more time that Bots are not farming.

And if they do pay for the boosts, that’s more money in Blizzard’s pocket, less in the farmers’, and an easier time for them to start hurting monetarily to keep their business running.

who is withered j’im?

you’re assuming they’re using legit money.
it costs nothing to use stolen credit cards.

stolen card info is used to buy boost, card owner sees unauthorized activity on their account, chargebacks are filed, it COSTS blizzard money.

How fast do you think Blizz can ban a botter? From the moment Blizz shows up on scene (if they even do that I dunno) till they hit the enter key and the botter is DC’d?


makes me think it’s not going to be quick. I really don’t think they would get through too many accounts in 1 hour. Blizz (apparently) doesn’t have the benefit of going out to a location and looking at someone :eyes: and saying “they’re botting”.

Let’s fast foward:
Bots have been annihilated, your consumable prices triple, and you make a forum post complaining that the economy is broken and raiding is impossible.

try going to places like wod or bfa. the druid bots farming the hyperspawns there are legion. spires of arak pinchwhistle area, gorgrond mushroom place, and the highmaul area in nagrand are crawling with them. or try the stormheim area with the pirates. they are there as well.

What’s so funny about bread?

because i deem it to be so.

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I enjoy the bots, they help keep prices lower since y’all got blizzard to make multiboxing inconvenient, so now we have to pay astronomical prices for herbs.

I don’t care about the bots at all, it’s only when they make me lag does it bother me

so … why did people suddenly start caring about bots so much all of a sudden?

is it because the “influencer” told them to?

why was everyone happy to just leave them be for 15+ years?

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