Botting druids Multi Boxing

Yup, these bots have tanked elethium ore from 250g down to 150g within a week.

as soon as they do , they are botters and not multiboxers, multiboxers by definition are not botters as they are running their characters not letting a program do it.

Multiboxer - multiple instances of WoW all controlled by the player.
Botter - can walk away and the program still plays the game.


Eh. I get what you’re saying but still seems like a potato, potato affair to me.

whats wrong with that knowing everything in the auction house is seriously overpriced, imagine a bunch of wow players trying to rip everyone off all the time. they make it cheaper i wish more would start honestly. considering when i got my legendary leveled i spent like 500k. the prices have went down quite a bit and we all know who causes that so yay have more.

Op,what are they looting and vendoring?

One day you guys will realize Blizz doesn’t just show up like ‘hm, looks like bots’


Yeah,they do investigate the complaint I should know they did with me when i use to herb in Panderia .So they had to verify that it was me and not a hacked account. People report others because their is competition for an area that is being farmed. So to those that are is that what you’re doing?

Because its stupid. You can put anything in the AH and if it doesn’t sell immediately it is undercut at least 6 times in 15 minutes - not by copper or silver but by multiples of gold a pop.

A Botter is likely multi-boxing, but a Multi-boxer is not necessarily a Botter.

Multi-boxing is perfectly acceptable, provided the Player is present and actively controlling each character via hardware.

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I was watching them because I wanted to be sure they where botting or not. Each one used the same exact path and behavior so it was pretty obvious after a minute of observation and killing them that they where in fact botting. Despite killing them they still resumed the same behavior like nothing ever happened lol… no frustration normal humans would get from being camped or logging out, fighting back… nothing it. I just hope something is done. I only ran in to it because that area they where farming was where I had to complete a few quests, otherwise I would never have spotted them.

well… you are wrong.
it’s ok to be wrong.
you stated blizzard use the specific terms “market manipulation” or “in-game extortion”. (how would extortion even happen in-game?)

if the ban is for botting, it cites “Use of bots or third party automation software.”
if it’s for gold buying/selling and other related activities, it cites “Exploitation of the economy.”

i’ve spent about 15 years reading and participating in the Customer Support forum.
I’m familiar with the terms which are used.


Didn’t Blizz state that multiboxing is okay, but any sort of program or hardware that are often used with multiboxing is against tos? If a layperson is able to observe that multiple characters are acting in concert, its likely against tos and should be banned.

Fix it blizzard! They are giving my class a bad name!

Thread flagged and reported for trolling.

robotic movements is what Im looking for with bots.
Cant base anything on their farming one spot…or standing still looting, etc. I do that stuff all the time.

rhetorical question or are you new here?

Botting is bannable.
Boxing isnt as long as the rules are followed

Yes they do or they would remove the 40yd radius, always on AoE spell from the game. There is no reason to keep a spell like that when all it does is promote botting.

the last obvious bot i reported, i got the “thank you” email in less than 24 hours

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No, just the software used to clone keystrokes is against the TOS. Hardware is fine

Report them all and let Blizzard sort them out.

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