Botting and now instance caps is a conspiracy


No, I don’t think I did. This is the one I link, the second one here is what was posted yesterday:

“I wish I could show folks the emails that I see weekly, of ban waves that happen”

The recent videos and forum posts about this are relating to a blue forum post on the China wow classic forums that when translated says something along the lines of we banned 110,000 accounts this week for botting.’

That does not mean they ban the 100,000 accounts every single week. It means there was 1 week where they banned 110,000 accounts.

If you actually cared to fact check, you’d see that they announce bot bans and list the characters banned every single week.

The week before that 110,000 ban was over 200,000.

And I wish I was a child again so I could take what people say as truth without worrying about lies or embellishing.

I’m quoting this CM because he apparently gets notifications, and I’d like to address him without hopping over to the CS forums.

We are not trolling. We are not tin foil hat conspiracists. We are - as you said - unconvinced without actual evidence. The fact that Blizzard refuses to let you provide said evidence to back up the claims is unfortunate, but also rather suspicious - given they don’t have to provide any personal details. I don’t think you never ban bots - I just think you are not able to ban enough and fast enough, as there simply isn’t enough resources allocated to that endeavor to make a big enough impact to be noticeable.

I see the same bots running around. When I see them, I report them - though given I’ve stuck to this character for a while and don’t go to lower level zones (and don’t do many dungeons at this point), I don’t see them as much as I did. But that doesn’t mean I don’t see them when I go to those areas. You need to understand our frustration with the total lack of communication - quite likely forced by higher ups and not the CMs themselves, though I have heard before that many CMs no longer desire to speak with players outside of places like the CS forums - and the utter lack of anything concrete. What we see in game is what we see as the reality, and that is that botting is just not hampered at all by the current system.

And this new change is only going to hurt real players who you may feel exploit the game. And that’s not a good thing, as what they’re doing isn’t against the rules until you make it that way.

In China. Not NA. You need to stop pushing that like it’s relevant to us.

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He isn’t a CM. He’s been working at Blizzard since 2006 as a CS forum rep. Imagine being him and having people like you constantly accusing him of being a paid Activision mouth piece. His job is literally to help people as best he can and you’re sitting here calling him a liar.

Accusing people of lying with no evidence is childish.

It’s even more irrelevant considering it’s a different company that runs WoW in China.

Where did I say he was a paid Activision mouthpiece? Where did I say he was a liar?

It’s fairly telling he didn’t respond.

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Who cares, ban bots if you need to. However I am not a bot, and I paid for a game. No way Im giving a company money and then being told how to use the product as well.

In addition, dont sell me Classic and then make retail changes. Thats not what i initially gave you my money for.

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So what you’re saying is that even tho Blizzard’s change was pointless to combat botting, it’s still a good change for normal players?

I agree

Typical for that guy. I’ve gone a couple rounds with him before.

I didn’t respond because I put you on ignore. I’m taking the advice of Vrakthris and trying my best not to argue in circles with people who refuse to believe facts and choose to spread misinformation. I’m removing you for one quick moment to link this:

Reiterating that you were lying here as I never said this and you then moved the goalpost and said it was a CM post I linked, which also never happened. Here you go:

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I’m gonna go with just dumb. I dont think they were intentionally trying to do any kind of cash grab. One guy came up with a stupid idea and all the checks to stop that idea from happened failed.

Are you telling me that WoW’s heavily restricted China branch actually handles this crap better than Blizz HQ?

That’s sad. I still stand by the instance cap doing nothing to quell the bot problem, only hurting legit player farming.

Shhhh dude! you are blowing up their spot, they are going to announce this in the next couple weeks to combat botting, and everyone will thank them for YET ANOTHER thing they never wanted.

You don’t know facts… remember 40 / 5000? you lose every argument you are in, lets just cut it out

I don’t expect you’ll be posting here for much longer so I guess this is goodbye.

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Blizzard has never offered a paid boost to max level. When a new expansion launches, Blizzard offers a paid boost to the LOWEST level of the new (announced and purchaseable) expansion.

So a “paid 60 boost” is a new idea, not a Blizzard strategy.

Blizzard has never offered a gold-purchasing-with-dollars-token, except along with a gamegold-selling-for-sub-months token. Blizzard has never offered just 1 token: that doesn’t solve anything.

SInce you cannot purchase a sub-month for dollars in Classic, this strategy is not an option in Classic.

Ummmm… how so?