Botter report thread

There is a botter with the alt named “Melm” on Horde

If you’ve bought Frost Lotus, Icethorn, Lichbloom, or any herb for that matter you will notice how this one person is capable of farming 200 lotus per day and 6k herbs a day.

He is a botter and needs to be banned. Report accordingly.

Please announce any other botters you see.


I want to preface- this is not a witch hunt thread.

This requires ample investigation of said users and market contribution to warrant a report.

Melm is a verified botter; which is why I started the topic off.

Make Azeroth Great again!

Did some researching and found an online wow botting program…From the chatting on discord it seems this has been a successful bot for a while. The name of the botting program is Baneto dash bot dot com and works in relation with a bot unlocker lua called Revamped dot app They are both working together. Bambo #6404 is one of the head chatters for Baneto dash bot dot com on discord on how the bot works and is installed. Have sent messages and pics of this bot website to blizz through my wow account…has been a few days and still have not gotten a response from blizz.