Bots in your Home! Pagle PVE 6:03am est

There is nothing on your video which may suggest that.

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Alright you guys are scaring me. Have you never seen a bot before? Or a better question do you support these bots?

I don’t see bots on the video. Anyway, i don’t understand what you want to achieve in this forum with your post?


Have you ever seen a bot?

Again, what is the purpose of you post?


I’ve seen characters that look like they are controlled by bots, yes. The fact of the matter is the player can rarely know for sure if someone is botting.

Blizzard states here:

Since I’m assuming you don’t have access to the same sort of technology, there’s no way for you to conclusively know if someone is botting or not.

Moreover, Blizzard also states:

So it is entirely possible that what you are seeing is player controlled and not botting. You can still report them by all means, but uploading an expose video and declaring with 100% certainty that they are bots might be jumping the gun.


You guys are just unreal. No wonder bots overrun the servers.

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I don’t understand what do you want from us


Nothing, you can watch the video though. I got another one coming.

Another video of players minding their own business?


Yeah just some toons doing stuff.

So if you are defining a “bot” is a character that is solely controlled without human interaction (scripted keystrokes via software or otherwise), then I agree with Msin.

There is no evidence in your video that those mage’s are bots.

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aw you gotta wait i got some good stuff coming.

EDIT: Actually I’m surprised how many of you support these bots.

Wanting actual proof =/= Supporting Bots.

It was only about a month ago legit players were being wrongfully banned. Here’s what you can do, report them and let Blizzard handle it. No one here is supporting bots, they are questioning evidence, which is a healthy part of a proper system. People like you are why we burned innocent women as witches :stuck_out_tongue:


As stated in the top post I reported no one. I will have more videos that will show some “patterns” that you may like. Takes a bit for youtube to process 4k videos. Neither did I call anyone out. This is just a day in Ironforge.

EDIT: Top Post Edited.

I know, I’m saying you should, let Blizzard investigate. That’s the most you can do.

Is this going to be another one of those threads where OP is really trying to make a case against multiboxing but keeps calling it bots?

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No this is about Bots not Multiboxers. Very easy to spot either of them for some.

But do you need to be paranoid for this ability to work?


Very Paranoid!! I like your guild name!

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