Bots in kala's den

always same 2 bots on alliance in kala’s den farming leathers not making it allowable for others to farm…

charature names are Unasers-maelstrom and Bigailhelyne-emeralddream

ive got them killed several times reported ingame i dont know how many times … i would like to know if blizzard is doing anything about bots like they said they were … ive reported these 2 bots multiple times over the last week and yet here they are ruining the game play

there able to hit the mobs right as there spawning making it almost impossible for anybody else to tag mobs … my dh aoe of imolation aura is not able to tag them sometimes when i do fel eruption it does not work … sometimes glave tempest is not tagging them … there both druid tanks and able to hit a spell on them with out even looking in direction of it

Have they been taken care of?

You should receive something from a GM in your mailbox. It’s happened to me plenty of times.