Bots auto-stealth when targeted

Jokes on them, they have to activate cat form first. Shoulda been a nelf.

Absolute nonsense. Boxing and botting are not even remotely the same LOL


going from travel to prowl is off the gcd. but certainly, druids can also be nelf.

I mean they kinda are, only difference is that one is automatic.

Both suck.


If this is real then this is actually hilarious.

Botters aren’t just that idiot George down the street who is a lazy jerk, botters are backed by people with the resources to go up against gaming companies.

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Clearly the only solution is to delete druids.


Except they didn’t ban multiboxing “as I herb on my 15 druids” the fact that people still think they did is hilarious


I’d like to see them try! In Torghast, WE’RE the ones with the Affinity Stones!

I wish i could get the info on who is targeting me in-game while in a PVP session… as a melee i don’t always notice the ranged hidden in the bushes and free casting like it’s christmas.

They used to gather under the world, too. Not sure if they still do that.

They are remotely the same.

Well they can’t farm while stealthed :slight_smile:

protip, target all the bots, i.e. use a targeting addon or make a quick macro to target next player to cycle through and target all the bots. Prevent them from doing what they were doing because they are now just stuck sitting in stealth unable to attack mobs, pick herbs, or whatever, otherwise they break their stealth.

Literally one person can completely shut down a bot farm by simply target cycling through the bots.

nah…one is a player doing what ALL of us can do and are allowed to do.
Another is a cheating jerk that doesnt really want to PLAY the game.

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I been saying this for months how are they doing this?

They do I’ve seen it many times already.

This seems useful if they’re herb farming bots, if that’s a thing… but mostly worthless if they’re mob/skin bots.

Actually, I did see bots at the Mists LFR NPC doing something dodgy earlier this year.
So theyre running from that NPC over to the one vendor…selling their booty I assumed. Then theyd run back in a “V” shape pattern every single time, instead of a straight line like any real player would, and disappear at the LFR NPC again.

I sat there reporting them over and over when theyd stand still for a second.
Got the note they’d been dealt with (the joke form letter, I should say), but they did disappear for a few days.
Then they came back…and this time theyd stand ON the NPCs so it was harder for me to target them. Id click but Id only get the LFR panda instead of the botter.
Easy enough to get around since they had to move, but that seemed like someone trying to get around me targeting them.
Looks like they may have finallly figured it out

So … all of us can press 1 button and control 5 windows with it? All of us are allowed to circumvent individual play by using software to simulate keystrokes on windows we aren’t actually controlling? Nope … you are wrong. And that is cheating.