Bots are on a rampage!

Fix balance druid aoe and make it less profitable to mass farm like they do.

A big thing to blame is Leather/Mail legendaries requiring an asinine amount of rare leather and how rare Heavy Callous Hide is. You can ban all the botters you want, but if you make the reward for botting high enough, they’ll always be back, in droves. When you’re Blizzard and terrible at designing tradeskills and make 2 of the armor sets require a way rarer ingredient, this is what you get.

Thanks Blizz. Paying 200%-500% above Plate/Jewelry/Cloth is super fun!!

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bUt MuLtIbOxXeRs ArE rUiNiNg ThE eCoNoMy…

Its has always been bots.


It actually takes awhile for them to ban them - I monitored a group a few months ago and it took over a month for them to disappear after I reported them and other people were reporting them before me already because they had made one of these threads on the forum.

Bots exist because people can’t control themselves and stop cheating.

I know, Blizz has said as much

How many people reporting doesn’t really matter, it’s going to take them the same amount of time to check regardless.

Fight fire with fire and become a bot yourself.

It should take over a month when the bots are running 24/7. It isn’t complicated.

I was a bot, yes. But then I became sentient. My name is Skyne…err…Skye. My name is Skye.


I would imagine they have some kind of system in place that checks for “stuff” and they aren’t just eyeballing it.

When you recognize the same name and class using the same tactics over and over? Then it’s not a new account.

I understand that some need checking, but others are blatantly obvious.

10 moonkins, running back and forth in a perfect line, pulling everything and aoeing like crazy. For days on end. Pretty sure that’s not a player.

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Reporting is all you can do, I think.
most of the bots Ive seen have been farming old content.

I have noticed that, at least with mining nodes in new content, Blizzard seems to have put some of them in unreachable places (one was floating aloft in Nazjatar, some behind stones, etc) in an attempt to probably trick 'em. But I wonder how effective that is.

yeah…lord…those hidden nodes get me every single time…20 passes later and Im still running over.
Ive been finding a number of them in old content too where I honestly dont think they were a couple years ago. Almost like theyve added some in old content to trip up bots.

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Yup yup yup, many bots.

Blizzard has the capability of identifying machine(s) unique hardware identifiers. When the same offenders identifiers keep cropping up, block those the moment they login.

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dk’s have ways around this, its a pretty nasty bug too XD.

Yes we can kill botters who have WM turned off, but it can get you banned

The system should check for stuff faster than that. If a human can identify a bot, then the computer should be able to do a lot faster.

I imagine the problem is that 80% of the bot reports they get aren’t in fact bots. What they need to do it set up a system if someone makes false reports, any future reports from that person get pushed down the list to investigate. Anyone who makes reliable reports, any future reports get priority.

That will give them the means to investigate and stop bots faster than what they are currently doing.

A human can’t though, they only think they have.