Bots and multiboxing

I have turned in several tickets about the bots and multiboxing that’s going on our servers as I sure going on on others. We have a group jazzya, jazzyb, c, d, e, aa, bb, cc. 1 monk 2 mages 5 druids set up in nasmir usally late sunday night and run for about 24 hours farming everything that will come to the monks totem. as a example of the time of this post thjey have posted 4 reins of a tamed blood feaster mount at half of others took deep sea satin from around avg 15g to 6g, deep sea bags from 350g to under 200g not to count all the other things they farm over 24 hours. This destroys the AH and the people who work hard to legitimately farm and craft these items. The answers I get back from GMs are that they will look into it and take it seriously. Another week has gone by and the AH is loaded with all these items this BOT/MULTIBOXER has listed which is jazzyqt. Please help keep this thread active and lets get the AUTO Programs out the game.