Boss pets need a nerf

Blizz, I pay my sub too. I want to be able to do world quests without needing to hunt insanely rare mobs for the perfect dream team or it be automatically a defeat. AT the very least, legendary pet damage needs to be tuned way down. It’s hard to play any kind of strategy with 1 shotting enemnies.

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You on Argus? Not really important, just wondering.
If you would, please name the Legendary you are having trouble with.

this was prince something in nazjatar. I soon found out that it was irrelevant if I brought pets that were “strong” against him. He 1 shots lvl 25 rares that he’s allegedly weak against (or very close) and heals. Pointlessly frustrating almost on par with the leylocked chests that haven o directions or even stated goals.

You must mean Prince Wiggletail. Yes he’s a tough one but easy to beat with 3 easy to get pets. I copied this pet battle strat from Wowhead. It’s a guaranteed win.

Google the name of the boss pet next time you get stuck, there’s a lot of help and winning strategies out there.


  1. Iron Starlette (1/2/2)
  2. Darkmoon Zeppelin (*/2/2)
  3. Chrominius (//2)


  1. Wind-Up
  2. Toxic Smoke
  3. Wind-Up
  4. Swap to Darkmoon Zeppelin
  5. Decoy
  6. Explode [swap to Iron Starlette]
  7. Explode [swap to Chrominius]
  8. Surge of Power
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It’s Pokemon. If you field the correct counters, you can’t lose. If you don’t, you can’t win.

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These are all the Prince Wiggletail strats up on Xu-Fu’s:

The UBV isn’t as rare as it used to be, and seems to work with just about any pet that can give you a Shattered Defenses buff. Even better if you have a pet with Black Claw.

yeah didn’t work thanks. Also what about someone who doesn’t have that magic 3 combo? I get making us want to counter humanoid with undead or whatever, but that’s excessively specific for a daily quest

If you want to get yourself a Darkmoon Zeppelin so you can actually try Elfinna’s strat for real, you can buy them for prize tokens at the Darkmoon Faire, which is on at the moment.