[Booty Bay Beach Club] LF Core Raiders (5/10 H CN)

“We are a newly formed guild of veteran raiders and leadership in mythic raiding guilds that are trying to build a solid core group for CE this tier an other’s to come. We are still working on putting together a strong roster and are looking for high performing players that want to push content an have fun at the same time.”

What we are looking for:

  • Players willing to continue to improve there over all performance each raid night with a strong performance. We want people who can show strong output, but also take on priority to mech’s in raid.
  • Come Prepared for raid (consumables, fight research, etc)
  • Understands the importance of M+ farming
  • Team player in an inclusive raid environment


  • Current guild progress : 10/10N CN , 5/10H CN (We are looking to get into Mythic CN by first week of February)
  • Current Raid times - Tues/Wed 5pm-8pm ST (Pst) with Saturday as an optional Normal raid for alts or last minute piece of loot.
  • Invites go out 15 minutes prior to our start and you are expected to be online and ready to go then!
  • Missing raids is understandable we know life happens sometimes We just ask players to maintain at least a 85% attendance or a few hour heads up as we don’t want to waist 20 other player’s time. We want to kill bosses!

What is provided

  • A stable raid environment
  • We provide some consumables but we encourage you to have your own aswell.(enchants, cauldrons, gems, food and pots)
  • Active guild that is also into pushing M+

Recruitment status:

Roster : Currently looking to have 22 people. We are not looking to over recruit and have a massive bench, we want everyone to have a chance an enjoy this raiding tier with us.

  • Tanks : Medium Demand - Bm Monk / Prot Paly. (Knowledge raid tanking a big plus.)
  • Dps : High Demand - S Priest, Warlock , Demon Hunter, Shamans and Warrior.
  • Healers : Low Demand - Holy Paly/ Resto Shaman.

Even if your class isn’t listed here we encourage you to contact us an set up a trial as our core raiding slots are competitive for high performing players. Please contact us through Battle Net.

Mokii#11971- Tombrews/YeetStab
Bigpoppapump#11900 - Kelíó
Squanchy#11449 - Noddle

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I personally approve this messaging approving the post

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I personally approve this messaging approving the post