Boosted 70 Player Experience

Making this thread just to express my disappointment in the boosted experience thus far as a returning player.

I started back on retail yesterday after purchasing the war within pack and getting a level 70 character boost. I boosted my character and lo and behold, after several hours of picking up quests I see and mostly being dragged around by that alone, I’ve com e to the realization that I STILL have no idea where to start or what to do. Keep in mind, I’ve played a lot of retail WoW in my life, especially back in WoD, Legion and BFA, and have played classic, BC and WOTLK (currently enjoying SoD), so I’m not new to the game by any stretch. I just have no clue what is going on.

Firstly, I had no explanation of my abilities presented to me, any sort of tutorial on my rotation, nothing. Considering all the class changes that have happened over the years, I had to send quite a bit of time just reading my spellbook, as well as looking up various tutorials from youtubers online just to grasp how to play my newly juiced Disc priest.

Next, I thought I could just follow this Campaign quest I was being pushed towards to get a feel for how to enjoy Dragonflight. Well, turns out I was wrong about that. This fire season quest has me pulling my hair out. I spent a few minutes googling where the heck Lunedane in Ohn’ahran Plains was, as it looked like it was outside the map. Then, I took my newly waterstriding-capable mount out there (which took me a bit to realize that was now a piece of “Mount Equipment” in my mailbox, whoopsie!). Lo and behold, I couldn’t figure out how to get up to Lunedane.
I then started to think that maybe I needed flying to get up to it. So I looked up the laundry list of achievements I’d need in order to fly, and was a bit overwhelmed. Then I thought, surely the first quest they gave me wouldn’t require me to fly if it wasn’t already given to me, right? Upon further digging, it seems that everyone can fly in this expansion, with dragon riding. Well great! How to I unlock that?
Well, apparently that’s part of a tutorial quest I never did because I was boosted.
So now I’m scratching my head on how I unlock dragon riding!

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to hopefully outline to Blizzard staff how confusing this has all been for me. I still don’t know where to begin, I kind of just want to raid with my friends, but without a clear way to go about starting and unlocking all the various systems and everything I’ll need to gear and prepare for raid, I am extremely lost to tell the truth.

Does anyone have a fan made guide perhaps that I could follow to help me along?

This is the one practical bit of infomation I might be able to supply.

On your mini-map is a large circle with a Dragon image, “Deagons Isles Summary”. Click that.

See “Dragonrising Skills and Unlocks”. View it. You probably have a lot of points available, with which you can fill up the tree (if it’s not already filled).

Now check your mounts.

I can’t tell because you are posting on a Classic character, but I think you should have at least four Dragonriding mounts in your list. Look for Cliffside Wylderdrake, Highland Drake, Renewed Proto-Drake, Windborne Velocidrake.

Summon one of those, and you are Dragonriding.

In short, point to look straight UP, then hit Skyward Ascent 2 or 3 times, with a count of 3 between hits. Then point your nose slightly down, and glide. has guides about it, and you will find lots more on YouTube.

On your more general complaints, I agree that 70 boosts can cause a lot of problems and confusion for returners, and even more for newcomers, and I tend to suggest avoiding using them.

OK, so you want gear. The 424 stuff you’ve got is Starter-level.

Get your friends to run with you through some M+ dungeons. Pick up gear there. Go to the raid with them.

You don’t need rep, or anything else gated.

Thanks for the helpful reply! I feel like I get what I’m supposed to be doing now.

Yeah, they really didn’t put any gatekeeping systems in this expansion - no Covenants, or Heart of Azeroth or Artifact you have to power up, or anything like that. With your 70 boost, you can just enter raids and dungeons and ignore the world almost entirely.

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First of all, Disc priest is not the easiest healer to play, it is considered one of the hardest. Second of all, you can hover over your spells and read them, boosting in my opinion is for more experienced players who understand how the game works a little bit.

I dont think the intent for boosting a character is to have someone that didnt play lev 60-70 in the content “be all set” because there are things you learn/unlock during leveling. What you should do is up to you. If you want M+ gear do that content, same for raid and PVP. As far as world content, you found out eventually you needed dragonriding and what to do for that, but you’re right, the game doesnt walk you through every step of getting started on level 60 content for a level 70 boosted character. If you had a leveled to 70, most things would be known and unlocked.