Boost on WOTLK fresh servers need to be removed

There is already a thread on the topic:

No need to add more.

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I’d ask for a minimum of six months for transfers and boosts.
Additionally, add some restrictions on transfers for gold and items.


Paying Blizzard for a Boost is a better situation than paying RMT to bot farmers for a boost. And the second WILL happen.

You’re right.

It needs to be removed and replaced with a level 80 boost.


No boosts and no transfers period,ever


At least 6 months, I think. By then, I’m sure Blizzard will have let already let bots run rampant and destroy the economy. Though really, I’d prefer never.

What update are you talking about? This is from the only one I’m aware of:

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Scroll down.

Or hit the little Blizz button with the arrow.

Ah, I see. Kinda wish they’d just have Kaivax edit the original post. Thanks!

Blizzard has been quite on this. But Honestly the community should not be so accepting of the boost either just cause they ninjaed it in TBC. Which is wrong regardless of mages influence. I feel like the normalized it now no one seems to care as much as server transfers which both are bad.


imagine telling blizzard not to make money


This is what we need bring back core values.

Honestly it seems like the boost since being ninjaed into TBC has made the community numb to how wrong it is to have in the game. I get Mage boost also but have two sets of boost wont really help honestly. Blizz has the money to counter bots however they seem to ignore it.


I understand where you’re coming from and I don’t like the boost in general… But,

The new servers won’t stay fresh forever. They will not be some sort of safe haven.

Bots will be terrible day one. Probably way worse than other servers.

They will be exactly like current servers in 90 days or less. Good luck and try to be more realistic, you won’t be as let down.

They seem to normalize the idea of boost being in classic. The community should of been in uproar when this hit TBC. They seem to be numb to it or asleep.

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Bro they are gonna ninja the wow token into WOTLK i hate to say it. I see retail people crying for it. I dont even think classic people care anymore to stand up for this game.

True very true get rid of XP boost also

Don’t you worry, Blizzard is giving the bots a nice long prepatch so they can be up and running for launch. Fresh will be so filled with bots with the higher prices on a fresh server.

They need to get rid of XP boost and blizzard boost. Just nerf dugeon xp simple fix to boost . It wont completely eliminate bots but make it harder. Also dont need RDF in WOTLK fresh.

Why would they remove boosts on fresh servers. No one one will buy a boost on a sever they already have level 70’s on. The only reason they are making fresh servers is to sell the level boost and removing RFD and community boosting makes you buy their level boost and not someone elses. Fresh servers only reason for existing is to sell to level boost. Why would they get rid of it.

A simple compromise, won’t work as well for fresh as other servers since the boost is being delayed at least 90 days, but allow the boost for the non-fresh servers during the entire prepatch. Blizzard gets the money they want from those who will spend it and yes even bots will be able to take advantage, but right before Wrath launches blizzard takes down the boost and does a bot ban wave. Blizz gets money, the new/returning players that want to catch up on current servers get to catch up and it helps mitigate the bot issue from boosts being available. Could do the same thing on the fresh servers, after at least 90 days allow the boost for one month or however long the prepatch was and then remove it before doing a ban wave.
Just a thought because obviously blizz is not going to do no boost.