Boomkin and their Defense -- DF Beta

So I don’t hear too much talk on this forum page, especially regarding boomy.

So I am Generally curious from a PVP perspective, how is everyone feeling regarding boomkins and their Defense?

I find regrowth to be meh healing and ooms me in 4 cast. So much mana cost to heal almost the same amount as a swiftmend.
Other heals take you out ot of boom form which procs GCDS in between.

Bear form heal is nice heal but you have to get out of boomy, so no dpsing. also Gcds again.

mobility is alright. every other melee can keep up and more so its nothing impressive.

Pretty much if I don’t nuke them first, I’ll just die. I can’t defense myself through it.

Granted this is 1v1 experience.

In solo shuffle, im at the mercy of my healer so the experience is a bit better. But atm just feel like i wish i could do more for myself lol.


I think Druid is created to change shape and for defense, you are structurally forced to shape into bear form. If you stay in Boomy form, your defense is not as beefy. So you have to get used to the right timing on when to shapeshift. You can pop bear when you see another class use their main ability to try and soak. BUT all this sucks because changing shape is on GLOBAL COOLDOWN which is structurally stupid to have since being a druid it functions to change shape. So shapeshifting shouldn’t be constrained whatsoever.

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Agreed, if they want me to go to bear form, I shouldn’t have to endure 3 total gcds

My other issues are how weak I still feel when using such defenses. Even though I am unable to do dmg and stuck in 3 gcds, I’m still dying in the process of using my defenses.

On sl live, it feels bad. And in DF beta, I feel worse. Idk why this isn’t talked about. The only other caster that feels this bad is envoker since they only have one defense spell, but at least they can heal themselves way way more


Well for now tuning hasnt really happened so thats pribably why no one is really talkikg about it

I don’t think this is just a simple tuning issue.

its as well a mechanic issue.

Why are other classes able to have as much mobility and dps while doing so? While boomkin is forced into GCDS and pauses on dpsing to do the same? just one example.

The bad class tree doesn’t help.

same thing for healing. Bad healing and forces us out of boomkin if you use any other healing spell besides regrowth. Again more GCDS and less time dpings.

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One defence of the other heals is that they are instant rather than casted…which may make the GCD reasonable so people only use it when absolutely needed instead of spamming as they please.

Also, if true out dots will hit harder and things that cone with it like a full moon proccing, faerie dragon doing dmg…there may be more passive damage going out even when sitting in bear form.

I dont have beta but do know about the class tree being messy and potentially leading to us losing utility or abilities when forced into other forms which would suck.

Most emergency heals these days are instant at this point.

Paladin holy power and now lay on hands.
Warlock health stone with huge huge huge shield wall.
Shaman totem and instant cast talent if chosen. Earth shield. If melee, instant cast heals
Priest power word life, vampiric brace, bubbles. Emergency wall talent, dispersion
Etc etc

Beta right now i ls dire need for tuning.
Melees are pretty much one shotting you if you have no good defense.

On warlock and priest I’m fine.
Envoker and druid just dies.
Ele shaman mixed feelings.

Again tuning is def needed. But comparing with sl live, I think there are some critical things balance druid have that need to be addressed.

If bear form is going to remain part of our defensive tool, then it needs to feel worth it.
We can’t fight back, we cant use our cc unless u have the mass root talent.
Can’t use mobility unless bear roar.
It isn’t a pally bubble, priest dispersion, or hunter shell. You are still taking dmg and mitigating almost nothing.


Hey guys, I’m at work at the moment and don’t really have time to write a “guide” per se but every issue I’ve skimmed that’s been said isn’t DF specific. Ooming in 4-5 regrowth casts is still a thing on live, it’s still fairly weak (though PotG makes it useful to an extent) and shifting gcds and all that are still here.

I am here to say two things. One, if you guys have specific issues or scenarios you’d like help with, please let me know. I’ll do my best to provide tips.

The other is that, it kind of sounds like boomy isn’t the class for all of you, no offense. It’s plenty tanky and can distance itself very well against melee and other classes. You do need to know when to press cds and when not to, and be able to anticipate go’s to pre bear then at times. In DF I only see this getting better as we’ll likely be able to have wild charge and renewal which is huge.

In 1v1 scenarios boomy isn’t super good because we run out of heals and many classes have passive healing in those scenarios that’s just better. Like aff locks or dhs or something you’re never going to beat. You can be other specs though for sure, especially if in an arena like environment. Without room to run or los, it gets trickier.

All in all mindgames is scary but outside of that we have good tools to live. I’m hardly ever the one who dies in my matches. It’s all likely, again no offense, a play issue.

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With WPvP seemingly back on the agenda, I’m keen for Boomy WPvP.

Just sneaking up in stealth and popping CDs like CA and Convoke from 30+ yds away…did it early in SL and was good times.

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