Boomie and KSM DH tank looking for M+ guild to push keys with

My wife and I just got back to the game in late 8.2 and have found a home in a guild who has since disbanded for Shadowlands. We are now looking for a new home now that 9.1 is nearly here. I am a KSM DH tank and my wife is a half decent boomkin druid and average healer (Really needs to work on her heals). We would like to join the guild together as we play together quite often with our friends.

I’m personally looking to push keys as high as I can before 9.1 hits, my wife is looking to get her KSM as well. I’m disabled and my wife doesn’t work so we’re usually online all day from 6-7 AM EST until around 5 or so PM. We are able to join guild events up until around 8-9 PM EST after which, I have to go to bed because I’m a grumpy old 35 year old man who has to nap early :P. No longer can I play WoW until 4 am in my undies in my mama’s basement :P. My 20’s are LONG over :P. We have not started Castle Narthia progression but would also would like to learn the raid before 9.1 hits and then we’d like to do the new raid as well.

Anyway, if you think we’re a good fit for your guild you can either reply here with your times and battletag and I’ll add you or you may add my battletag (Neostarwcc#1136). Thank you for your time and happy WoW travels!

Hi there! I sent you a friend request on Bnet but here’s my little spiel:

Unphased, a sorta kinda-striving-to-be hardcore Alliance guild on US-Stormrage, is currently recruiting casual yet focused, dedicated raiders. We’re currently 10/10 H and looking to fill our roster with a few more like-minded individuals to round out a full 20 man roster for mythic progression and future raid tiers. Our hope is to achieve mythic kills in a fun environment where we take the boss pulls seriously but acknowledge the need for laughter and fun when we can. We’re looking for reliable players who can attend many, if not all, raid nights. While we are in need of both ranged and melee dps, we’re always happy to have experienced raiders from any class or role. In addition to raiding, we also love to do mythic plus and level alts.

Interested players should meet the following:
Past raid experience, class knowledge, interest in growing as a player, knowledge of basic raid mechanics.

Currently recruiting the following:
Affliction Warlock
Balance Druid
Mage (All specs)
Priest (All specs)
Will gladly consider any experienced and knowledgeable players

Current Castle Nathria Progression:
10/10 H

Raid Times:
Friday: 8:30-11:30 PM CST
Saturday: 8:30-11:30 PM CST

Battlenet: Aprialia#1336, Zach#1510
Discord: Aprialia#7493