Bolvar's Torghast quest chain

I just handed in the Torghast quest to Bolvar after rescuing Jaina. But I wasn’t given a new quest after that. Am I missing something or?

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Try relogging or waiting for a few hours. Should pop up.

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There’s no catch up on Bolvar’s weekly Torghast quests. If you’re behind you have to wait until next week.

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I’ve found that there is one per week (reset), no catch-up provided.

Blizz is implementing one on next server reset or has implemented it. One or the other. Saw it on wowhead

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There was a blue post on wowhead that said this was already live on the NA servers, but I’m stuck after rescuing Jaina, too. Very frustrating.

Rescued Jaina yesterday, no continuation. Live US supposedly after hotfix. Stuck at work for 11 more hours, hopefully it’s reset after today and not on Tuesday.

I didn’t rescue Thrall til today and just finished it. Wondering if there is a bug that is stopping it on prior steps.

Same here. Rescued Jaina. Can’t continue next Torghast step. Jan 11th

That may be intentional. The patch notes say they removed some of the delays but didn’t specify which ones. I’ve heard some people say they think it was changed so you can rescue one person a week but that’s just speculation.